Pool Maintenance — What You Need To Know

An in-ground swimming pool is a big investment. And like other big purchases, you will naturally want it to last as long as possible and remain in top quality condition. The best way to ensure your swimming pool is always ready to go and in the best condition for years to come is to perform regular check-ups and maintenance. 

Just like topping up the oil in your car or fixing the leaky pipe under your sink, regular and preventive maintenance of a swimming pool will help to save you significant frustrations and costs down the line. Keeping up-to-date with maintenance can prevent small problems from turning into major issues and damage without you knowing. Regular maintenance of your swimming pool will also extend its life expectancy, ensuring you get the best return on your investment and enjoyment for your family for years to come. 

Keeping your pool maintained doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. In this article, we’ll cover some easy things you can do regularly to ensure your pool is in the best condition it can be at all times. 

Leaves and Debris 

Leaves and other debris are going to find their way into the pool water no matter what you do. Filters do a good job of removing some of these contaminants, but larger debris will need to be vacuumed or skimmed manually to keep your pool looking and feeling clean. 

The pool’s skimmer will also need to be checked regularly and any debris build-up removed to ensure smooth operation. Skimmers work by skimming the floating debris from the surface of the pool. They are easy to clean and usually come with a basket that can be simply removed and emptied. 

Checking the Water Level 

Your swimming pool is designed around a specific amount of water, and if that level either rises or falls by too much it can cause problems. Check your water level periodically, and especially after particularly hot or wet days, to ensure it’s at the specified level for all the components to work correctly. It is also important to check your standpipe to see if it needs draining after a large downpour. This is the pipe that runs vertically down your fibreglass swimming pool shell through its bond beam, and it measures the height of any underground water. 

Testing The Water 

Healthy and clean swimming pool water is carefully balanced to provide the best experience to swimmers. It should be a hostile environment for bacteria and pathogens, but gentle on the skin and safe for young children. 

The pH level of the water should be close as possible to a neutral 7.4, but between 7.0 and 7.4 for a fibreglass pool is fine. If the balance swings too far one way or the other (acidic or alkaline) it will risk causing skin and eye irritations and reducing the effectiveness of chlorine. Also, keep in mind that putting top-up water into your pool will also change the pool’s Total Alkalinity, depending on the Total Alkalinity of the top-up water.

Finally, if the area you live in has high levels of calcium in the water supply, you will want to have samples of the water tested by a local pool store a few times a year to prevent build-up, staining, and damage. 

Preventative Chlorination 

Chlorine plays an important role in keeping your swimming pool healthy and free from algae and bacterial growth. Too much chlorine, however, will cause problems and irritation to the skin, so getting the balance just right is crucial. 

Manually checking and altering the chlorine levels is an on-going task, that while quick to perform, will need to be repeated every few days. Many Australian swimming pools now use salt chlorinators which convert regular salt crystals into the water-soluble chlorine required for your pool. Salt chlorinators only need their salt topped up occasionally. You can also select a self-cleaning model to further reduce the work required, but even manual models are easy to check and maintain.

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