5 Benefits of a Small Swimming Pool

Dec 11, 2020

A swimming pool makes a wonderful and versatile addition to any property. It offers a unique place to exercise, relax in the warm summer afternoons, and to entertain friends and family. There’s no getting around the fact that swimming pools take up a sizable amount of space, though. They are often the dominating and central feature to a backyard, with all other landscaping being shaped around their presence. But what if you don’t have the space to fit a full-sized pool or want to leave extra room for other backyard features? 

Swimming pools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The choices are almost as varied as the backyards they go in, with options available to fit any backyard. Standard sized fibreglass swimming pools start at around 6m x 3m (18m²) and can go as large as 10m x 4m (40m²)—this is the largest size that can be practically shipped and delivered. Small swimming pools often have the same styles and shapes but are simply scaled-down in size. Narellan Pools’ range of small pools start at 3.2m x 3.2m and there are even narrow small pools in our range, such as the Eden Slimline, which is 4.75m in length and 1.85m in width.

Fitness and Relaxation

Swimming pools are a great way to help you and your family stay fit and relax. They make an ideal location to host gatherings with friends and family, entertaining the kids, unwind after a long day, or get some laps in before work. Even with their reduced size, small swimming pools offer all the same great purpose and functionality as any other sized swimming pool.

More Space Available

A swimming pool can easily become a dominating presence in a backyard. Small swimming pools may be the only choice for those with small backyards, but they can also be a great choice for those with space for a larger pool available, leaving ample space for other backyard additions and landscaping choices.

Choice of Styles

Small fibreglass swimming pools may save on space, but they don’t sacrifice anything in functionality and style. The shapes and designs available for a small swimming pool are just as varied as those of larger models, with the added advantage that it’s easier to fit non-standard designs into your yard, as we mentioned above.

Lower Initial Investment

Swimming pools are an investment. A financial investment; an investment in your home and family; and an investment in your health and wellbeing. From a financial point of view, the good news is the smaller the pool, the cheaper it is to design and install—it’s as simple as that. Saving on the initial investment may also leave extra room in your budget for add-ons, accessories, and other backyard landscaping to add the finishing touches.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The cost of a fibreglass swimming pool isn’t just about the initial investment. When you’re considering purchasing a pool, it’s important to think about the longer term costs involved with pool ownership. A big contributing factor to the on-going running costs is the amount of water in the pool—more water means more power to heat, filter, and larger quantities of cleaning chemicals. A small pool naturally has less water, and with that naturally comes lower on-going costs.

Small Swimming Pools with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools are experts at delivering high-quality fibreglass swimming pools of all sizes to clients throughout Australia. Our dedicated and skilled teams of builders are committed to providing quality pool solutions, whatever space a client has available. The Narellan Pools range has been carefully crafted to offer a selection of pool designs, sizes, and shapes to fit even the smallest of backyard spaces.

Get in touch with Narellan Pools to find out how our team can help design you a small pool solution for your backyard.

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