Avoiding the Summer Sizzle

Sep 29, 2015

September 30, 2013 by Diane Leonard, Aussie Articles

Looks like summer’s going to be a scorcher and a pool could be the solution to keeping your cool as the mercury soars.

There’s nothing worse than spending summer wilting under a fan, so why not turn your home into a resort with your own backyard pool?

There are over 1.2 million private pools in Australia, and if you’re put off by concerns about maintenance, think again.

Improved technology means pools are cheaper, more energy efficient and easier to run than ever before, and fully automated cleaning and filtration systems lets you enjoy more time in the water and less on maintenance.

Even better, modern pools are available in a vast range of designs and price points.

Dip into a world of choice
Along with the traditional options, compact lap pools are available that have a smaller carbon footprint than more traditional lap pools. This means they consume fewer resources to run but still offer excellent opportunities to boost fitness. Plunge pools that can be as small as 2 x 2 metres feature jet systems that provide an intense workout.

Even better, pools play a natural role in the current trend to outdoor living, and with the addition of landscaping your backyard pool can be transformed into a summer oasis.

Cool fun for under $5,000
If your budget is tight, an above-ground pool can provide years of summer fun for less than $5,000. When it comes to in-ground options, fibreglass pools are generally cheaper than concrete pools but the sky really is the limit if you’re happy to add professional landscaping and features like fountains.

Be sure to check building requirements with your local council as most require a development application for pools. Be aware you will need to allow for the cost of fencing, which has to comply with strict safety standards.

Aaah…the spa
If you want to chill rather than splash, an outdoor spa is a great alternative to a pool. The heating function means you can enjoy year-round use and many spas are portable so it can go with you if you move.

When it comes to funding a pool or spa, a personal loan provides the benefit of a fixed term and set repayments, which are easy to budget for. It can also be worth checking to see how much equity you have in your home as this can also offer a source of low cost finance.

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