How to make a Combination Install your Personal Paradise

Feb 10, 2021

When people think of a backyard swimming pool, they often think of a single swimming pool that caters to a whole family. The fibreglass swimming pool designs of the past often meant that families had to settle for one of a small selection of shapes, and there weren’t a whole lot of customisation options available.

Nowadays however, the opposite is true. With more choice than ever before, homeowners looking for a quality fibreglass pool have many options available to them, to ensure they find their perfect pool solution.

Homeowners are no longer limited to a single swimming pool in their backyard. They can have beautiful fibreglass combinations installed to offer them unparalleled levels of ease, comfort and functionality. The Narellan Pools range not only allows you to create your ideal combination install, but also to customise it further.

What is a combination install?

A combination install usually consists of a swimming pool combined with a spa and/or a space to wade.

The idea behind combination installs is that they enhance your use of the space, with dedicated areas for swimming, lounging, relaxing and wading. While a beautiful new swimming pool is always going to be a wonderful backyard addition, you might discover while planning your own pool space that you would also love a spa to feel rejuvenated and to relax with friends. Spas make for a blissful addition to your swimming pool space. Through the skill of your local Narellan Pools Builder, your chosen spa can connect seamlessly with your chosen pool, allowing you to make your way between spaces easily.

The Narellan Pools range also features the delightful Harmony Splash Deck, which has been purpose-built for children. The Harmony Splash Deck is essentially a shallow inground fibreglass pool that not only complements any of the inground pools in our range, but offers families an ideal space for their little ones to splash around safely. This means that if your children are developing their swimming skills, the Harmony Splash Deck could be a helpful addition to your swimming pool. Of course, it doesn’t have to be just for the kids! Fitting up to eight adults, if you and your friends simply want to lounge close to the main pool, the Harmony Splash Deck could be the combination solution you’re after.

Check out the Narellan Pools Gallery and filter by Pool & Spa Combination to see some incredible combination installs and feed your inspiration!

Customising your combination install

Once you’ve decided on the pool and spa designs, the choice doesn’t end there. With many ways to customise your pool and spa/splash deck combination, you can bring even more of your style and taste to your new backyard additions.

It’s always a fun part of the Narellan Pools journey when you get to pick your pool colour. With so many different colours in our Marbleglass range, you’ll be able to select a colour that will unite your combination install beautifully, and make you smile whenever you look at it.

You might want to consider adding lighting to the space, so you can swim after the sun goes down. Even when you’re not swimming, some beautiful pool lights will draw even more attention to the pool space, and your combination install will make for a great talking point when you have guests over for dinner. You can have lights installed in your pool as well as around it, to create an eye-catching effect.

For the ultimate backyard art, why not add a water feature? Available in several styles, such as rainfall curtains, deck jets and sunpods, you can truly transform your combination install into a uniquely engaging space with a water feature.

Perhaps you’ve opted for a plunge pool and are pairing it with a spa. This way, you get a gorgeous combination that can work in smaller yards. To make your plunge pool even more functional, you could add swim jets, so you can get a more intense workout no matter the size of the pool.

If you’re unsure how to create the ideal pool and spa combination for your place, the best place to start is by contacting your local Narellan Pools Builder to arrange a free on-site consultation. They’ll be able to assess your backyard and help you decide what will look best in the space available.

With Narellan Pools, you benefit from a straight-forward process, and your local Narellan Pools Builder will be there to guide and support you every step of the way. Start the journey to your combination install today!

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