Summer Pool Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Dec 21, 2020

There are many, many wonderful aspects to owning your own swimming pool. It’s the perfect tranquil space in your own backyard to relax, entertain, have fun with the kids, and exercise. One aspect that isn’t so wonderful, though, is maintaining and cleaning your pool.

A good quality fibreglass swimming pool should provide you and your family with decades of quality entertainment and relaxation. Just like your car or household appliances, though, it can only perform its job well when it’s properly taken care of. Nobody likes performing cleaning and maintenance tasks, but they are an essential part of keeping your pool in its best possible condition, so it is always ready to use. Keeping on top of regular maintenance and care will also serve to lower the overall long-term running costs of your pool by allowing you to take preemptive action on problems before they develop into something that may require more extensive and costly work.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the tips you should know for keeping your pool clean and problem-free so that whatever the activity, your Narellan Pools fibreglass swimming pool is ready to go.

Skimming the Water

Leaves and other garden debris often seem to be drawn to swimming pools like magnets. And while there may not be any magnetism involved, it is true that your pool will build up debris unless regularly skimmed. The exact interval will depend on the surrounding environment and time of year, but it’s worth taking the two seconds to check every day or two. It’s also important to check and clean the pool’s filter when you skim the surface to prevent any clogging issues.

Chemical Balancing

A clean and healthy swimming pool involves a delicate balance of various chemical elements to prevent bacterial growth, keep the water fresh, and prevent skin irritation. Some chemical levels can be easily checked every few weeks or so yourself, but others will require taking a sample to your pool company. 

Chemical cleaners (e.g. chlorine) will also likely need to be carefully checked and topped up after a big event like a family gathering or long weekend spent in the pool to prevent cloudy water.

Yearly Check-up by Professionals

There are a lot of pool care and maintenance jobs you can do yourself, and they go a long way to helping preserve the quality of your pool. For other aspects of your pool maintenance, it’s best to call in the professionals. Scheduling a yearly service allows the experts to tweak, tune, and inspect your pool for any potential issues, and will go a long way to prolonging its life.

Seasonal Preparations

Another important part of summer pool maintenance is knowing what to do to care for your pool seasonally. If it gets very cold where you are, checking all the chemical levels, cleaning the filters, removing water from the lines, and installing your cover are all vital steps in protecting your pool and ensuring it’s ready to go when the warmer weather comes around again.

Pool Care with Narellan Pools

At Narellan Pools we put the utmost care and attention into crafting every one of our swimming pool shells, so we know the importance and value of keeping them well maintained. Our pool experts have carefully selected a range of the latest cleaning and maintenance accessories to help you keep your pool in the best condition for years to come. In addition to the range of pool cleaning and maintenance accessories, we can offer you, our dedicated teams are always on-hand to answer any queries or problems you may have.

Get in touch with Narellan Pools now to find out how we can help you keep your new Narellan pool maintained and in the best condition.

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