Summer Recipes For Pool Parties

Nov 27, 2018

Pool parties are a great way to spend the day or celebrate a special event, especially during the height of summer heat. But we all need to eat. Nobody wants to be the odd one out having to spend all day in the kitchen preparing food while everybody else is enjoying themselves by the pool, and while takeaways and ready-meals are certainly an option, the cost soon adds up.

Making food at home is not only easy and fun but can save money and will often offer a healthier alternative. The perfect foods for pool parties should be relatively easy to make, easy to eat (e.g. finger-food), delicious, and ideally not too heavy — you are likely going to be swimming after all!

Here are some great options to try out at your parties this summer.

Ultimate Aussie Burger

These great burgers are the ideal food for around the pool. Made from Kangaroo, so high in iron and protein, they are sure to be a hit. As they are hand-made burgers, the recipe can be easily adapted to make quick snacks by simply making smaller patties. You can also prepare everything in advance and store in the fridge to cut-down the work required on the day. Get the recipe here.

Curtis Stone’s BBQ Lamb Leg with Spring Chopped Salad

This one may not seem like an obvious choice for pool food — especially due to the amount of time required. In reality, though, it’s a great option for an easy dinner and most of the cooking time is unattended allowing you to enjoy the party. Get the recipe here.

Barbecued Mexican Sweet Corn

Simple and easy to make, these barbecued ears of corn make a great addition to any pool party. Taking a mere 10 minutes to prepare, they are cooked on the barbecue so you don’t even have to leave the party for the kitchen. Get the recipe here.

Gluten-free nachos lettuce cups

These small nacho snacks are delicious and gluten-free. Filled with delicious spiced chicken, tortilla chips, cabbage, and corn, they are ideal finger food — you’ll only have to worry about getting one before they are all gone. Get the recipe here.

No-bake Lemon Pie

We’ve covered some great options for snacks and main meals, but what about dessert? And what could be better than a dessert that requires no cooking? Made the night before and chilled in the fridge, this no-bake lemon pie is a great easy option to enjoy at any party. Get the recipe here.

Mini Berry Cheesecake

Another option that requires no baking or cooking, these mini cheesecakes are deliciously sweet and fruity. Prepare them in advance then store in the fridge until the party starts, garnishing with some fresh fruit before serving. Get the recipe here.

Summer sorbet cocktails

Of course, you’ll need some awesome drinks to go with all that delicious food. These summer cocktails are delightfully fruity and fizzy, and the sorbet makes them perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day. Just be careful not to drink too many when swimming. Get the recipe here.

Ginger Punch

A perfect non-alcoholic option that’s sure to be a hit. Apple, orange, ginger beer, and lemonade make this ginger punch refreshing, while also warming and festive. Get the recipe here.

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