Tips For A Safe Summer With The Kids

Nov 04, 2015

CEO of First Aid Accident and Emergency, Scott Whimpey, shares some quick tips on how to keep the kids safe this summer in the backyard pool.

The backyard swimming pool is synonymous with family BBQ’s, pool parties and a great way for the kids to cool off and burn off some energy. The last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your children or your friend’s children when they are having fun in the pool, so here’s a few quick tips on how to keep the kids safe this summer when they’re spending long afternoon’s in the pool.

Supervision: There is no substitute to a pair of watchful eyes supervising children in the pool. Especially if there is a few children in the pool, they can get easily carried away and it can be difficult to monitor who is doing what. With child drownings on the rise, set up a good practice of always having an adult watch the pool area and educating the kids that there MUST be someone outside with them.

Skin care: When the kids are being cooled down by the crystal clear water of their backyard pool, it can be deceiving to them that they are not feeling hot or even getting burnt. The reflection of water acts as a double hit with the sun and it is important to reapply sun cream every two hours. It is also important to note that in order for sun cream to be effective, it must be applied twenty minutes before sun exposure.

Hydration: To prevent heat stroke, headaches and even muscle cramps while the kids are swimming, make sure they are drinking lots of fresh water. Sun exposure and strenuous activity (such as swimming) are the perfect combination for dehydration. Encourage the kids to have a little break from the sun and sit in the shade for a little while to break up the sun exposure.

First Aid: Be up-to-date with your first aid. It may not be as severe as having to resuscitate someone but having a general overall knowledge of first aid can make time in the swimming pool all the more enjoyable. Knowing how to administer and treat conditions such as CPR, heat stroke, asthma attacks, cuts and bruises will give you that peace of mind you need to sit back and soak in the atmosphere of your fantastic backyard pool.

Stay cool: Your pool is there to be enjoyed so take good care of it with regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent any bacteria in the water or uninvited floating guests. If you can, install an outdoor umbrella or have a shaded area of your pool so you can enjoy being around your pool without being in it. If you’re indulging in some beverages pool side, avoid glass – if this breaks in your pool, your pool will have to be drained and that’s not an overly fun way to spend your weekend!

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