What to Look For In A Pool Builder

Aug 08, 2019

Have you finally decided to take the plunge and make your dream of a private backyard relaxation space complete with a swimming pool or spa a reality? Great. You may have even started planning out the look and feel; what colours you want; what shape works best for your space; any landscaping required to add the finishing touches. Even better. But now comes the hard part. How do you go about finding and selecting the pool builder that’s best for you? Here are some of our best tips for vetting and selecting a pool builder that is both reliable and is well-suited to making your dream a reality. 

Check Customer Feedback 

Even if a pool builder ticks all the other boxes, bad customer reviews and feedback are a big red flag making this a good place to start. The ideal scenario is finding a company that is recommended to you by friends, family, or colleagues as they are more likely, to be honest, and will rarely recommend a company that had a bad experience with. 

In the absence of personal recommendations, and even if you have been recommended a company, running a quick search online can give you a good insight into the company’s history and dealings with a wide range of clients. Be sure to search around and don’t just rely on the customer testimonials on the company’s website — if the company isn’t above board, their self-posted testimonials probably won’t be either. Also, remember that people are always more likely to post bad experiences than they are good, so keep that in mind when reviewing feedback. 

Are They Reputable? 

If a company doesn’t appear to be reputable then they most likely aren’t. Check the company has active lines of communication (e.g. email and phone lines). As a final step, you can check the company is registered and is who they claim to be by checking the information they provide against the government database of registered companies. 

Industry Certification 

Another great way to check if a company is reputable is to see if they are registered with any of the industry bodies or regulators. Organisations like Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) hold their members to the highest standards so an active membership to these organisations is a good sign of a company you can trust. Again, don’t take the companies word for it, these organisations both have online databases allowing you to search for a registered company. The databases can even be a good place to start searching if you don’t have a company in mind yet. 

Do They Have Experience With Your Vision 

The right pool builder for you must not only be well-reviewed and reputable but also must have experience in bringing your unique vision to life. Pool technologies, and their design, construction, and installation techniques vary dramatically, so there is no point in hiring an otherwise great company if they have no experience in building the type of pool you are looking for. 

Design Requires Communication 

Design is a two-way street. The best designs come from an active back and forth relationship between the designer and the client. The idea you have in your head may not be feasible for a variety of reasons and alterations may need to be made, or your designer may have ideas on improving it using their experience. For this to work, though, there needs to be strong lines of regular communication. You can usually tell how good a company is at communicating within the first few interactions — if you have to chase them to return your calls you will be in for a long and hard design process. 

Are They Able To Handle The Legal Work? 

The final thing you should check is that the pool builder you select is experienced in and equipped to handle all the legal and regulatory work involved in building and installing a swimming pool. Construction permits and regulations will vary depending on jurisdiction so finding a local pool builder who has experience in your area is best. 

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