What to Look for in a Pool Builder

Mar 02, 2021

When you’re thinking about installing a pool, often the first question that comes to mind is – ‘Who should I choose to build my pool?’

It’s an important question, too. Who you select as your pool builder will have a big impact on the end result, so you want to be sure you’ve chosen a skilled, experienced pool builder with a solid reputation, to create your pool vision.

To help you make a decision about your pool builder, we list a number of questions below that you can ask to determine if your preferred pool builder ticks all the boxes.

Are they licensed and/or registered?

Pool builders are required to hold licenses to perform building work above a certain monetary value (differs depending on state). Each Australian state has its own database of licensed/registered builders, so refer to your respective database to check for the builder you’re considering. This is one of the first (and easiest) steps you can take to make sure you’re working with a qualified builder.

What’s their reputation?

As with most big purchases, it’s always important to do your research before selecting your pool builder. Have a look online to find reviews on the builder you’re considering, and be on the lookout for feedback around communication, proficiency and transparency. If they have a website, see if any awards on their skill and/or service are listed. Going with a qualified local pool builder is a good way to ensure your builder knows the area you live in, and is therefore more likely to know what solutions are required for your location. Consider asking for local pool builder recommendations from family and friends in your area.

Do they communicate well?

You may have narrowed down your selection to just a couple of pool builders; the next important step is to assess how they communicate. A good pool builder will provide timely responses to your questions (or at least a fair explanation why there may be a delay in their response) and will work with you to keep in touch throughout the process. A big warning sign is a pool builder that never responds!

What’s their product range like?

Just as important as a great reputation is a product range that works for you. Every backyard is different, and every homeowner is looking for something in particular when planning the pool of their dreams. When choosing your pool builder, make sure they can offer you the perfect swimming pool solution for your property. Consider everything from pool shape, to pool size, pool colours and useful add-ons like pool heating.

How else can they help?

Aside from looking after every aspect of the installation process, does your chosen pool builder offer additional services like tiling and landscaping or can they refer you to another skilled trade for those additions? If you’ve never owned a pool before, having the support and guidance of your pool builder will be extremely important. An important question to ask the pool builder you’re considering is if they handle the permits needed for the pool. It’s also worth asking if they will provide you with temporary pool fencing, if they can help with landscaping (or recommend someone to help), and if they can remove leftover soil as part of your contract.

Why choose Narellan Pools?

Our qualified, skilled and passionate local pool builders are dedicated to your hassle-free journey to pool ownership. You can rely on your local Narellan Pools Builder to be transparent with you at every stage, and to be totally committed to building the pool of your dreams.

Aside from having the support of your local Narellan Pools Builder every step of the way, you’ll also benefit from having one of our high-quality fibreglass pools installed. Narellan Pools has a comprehensive range of pool shells, available in a huge array of sizes and colours, to truly bring your dream to life. We manufacture our pool shells with an unwavering focus on quality, and we back our quality by offering a Lifetime Structural Warranty on our inground pools.

Reach out today for a free quote with your local Narellan Pools Builder and feel confident that you’re in safe hands!

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