Are you an owner of a guest house, a holiday let or another form of guest accommodation, or are you considering becoming an owner of such a property?

If you said yes to any of the above, you’d know that there are many elements involved in creating a property that will continually wow your guests.

One addition to your property that you should think about investing in, is a pool. Providing a welcoming outdoor space that allows your guests to truly enjoy themselves will raise interest in your property and will likely prompt repeat visits. A beautiful pool offers the perfect space for your guests to not only have fun, but also to relax, switch off from their hectic lives and retreat into a private oasis with friends and family.

Keen to know more about the benefits of a pool for your business?

We recently reached out to Melanie – the owner of an outstanding guest house in Callala Bay, NSW, called Mandala Beach House – to get her input on why she installed a Narellan Pool and the benefits it created for her business. The passion and pride Melanie has invested into Mandala Beach House is well recognised, and the glamorous guest house was even showcased in a feature article on!

Read on to find out why Melanie recommends a Narellan Pool as the perfect addition to guest homes!

Melanie from Mandala Beach House

What are the trends you’ve noticed in guest numbers at the Mandala Beach House since you’ve had the pool?

During the design phase of Mandala Beach House, we knew the importance of having a pool. A pool is a huge drawcard for guests, and as a result, Mandala ranks highly on accommodation booking sites.

Mandala attracts large groups of either families, couples or friends, and they often comment on how special our pool is! Families are so happy to book Mandala as they know their kids will have a ball in our pool. Happy kids means a happy holiday for all.

How do you feel the pool has added value to your property?

The pool definitely adds value to Mandala Beach House. We scanned the accommodation booking platforms before we purchased our land in Callala and found that there were very few houses in Jervis Bay which were high quality and offered a pool.

Mandala Beach House was designed specifically for the holiday let market and we knew that installing a pool would set Mandala apart. 

We also heat the pool throughout the year, which really helped us to achieve strong occupancy, even on weekdays during winter.

What do you love most about your property’s Narellan Pool?

We have a Symphony 8 and we love the shape and size of our pool. We love the side ledge as it provides a space for our adult guests to relax and it is also helpful for small children to swim back and rest.

We chose the Whitehaven Pearl colour and we are so happy with the finish.

How have your guests responded to the pool?

Guests love our pool and we know it adds to the wow factor of our holiday house.

What would you say to someone thinking about adding a pool to their guest house/accommodation?

DO IT! If you have the space in your backyard, it’s a worthy investment and is highly likely to increase the number of guests you attract per year.

If you’re ready to say ‘yes’ to a pool that will help take your guest house to the next level, reach out to Narellan Pools today for a free quote!

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