Your Swimming Pool Warranty is Important

Sep 04, 2015

Understanding your pool warranty is an important part of the pool buying process, particularly if you’re deciding between a concrete and a fibreglass pool.

How do concrete and fibreglass pool warranties differ?
The truth is, every pool warranty differs. This is especially true when looking for differences between fibreglass and concrete pools.

Concrete pool warranties
For the most part, concrete pools are covered by the relevant State Statutory warranty period, that is, provided a licensed pool builder has built your pool. The cover varies from state to state (generally 7 years) and is only valid if you have a signed contract with your builder. Often no additional warranty may be offered beyond this; although, you should ask your builder what protection you will be given should something go wrong with your pool.

Fibreglass pool warranties
Similar to Concrete pool warranties, fibreglass pools are covered by the Statutory Warranty requirements (provided you have a contract with a licensed builder). However, many reputable fibreglass pool companies offer a structural warranty as well. These vary from company to company. Ask your builder for a copy of the warranty, and compare this with other companies.

At Narellan Pools we offer an additional 25-year warranty on all of our fibreglass pools. Each of our pools are individually microchipped, meaning that if in the unlikely event you have a problem with your pool, we can track it back to the manufacturing floor! Right down to the specific day and time your pool was manufactured, which gel coats were used and which staff members were involved. We do this because we are confident in both our manufacturing process and our people. We value our clients; in the unlikely event there was a problem with your pool, we want to understand and resolve it.

What should you look for in a pool warranty?
Whilst some warranties from other fibreglass pool manufacturers might look attractive, it’s important to watch out for exclusions. Ask your builder for the Terms and Conditions of the warranty. You should also visit the pool company’s website and read the fine print carefully. Some exclusions can render your warranty null and void, so it’s very important you do your due diligence carefully.

What should you do if you have a problem with your pool?
1. Firstly, you should speak with your builder. A pool professional will usually work with you to help resolve the problem. 2. If you are experiencing difficulty with your builder, contact the Fair Trading authority in your state and seek advice. It may be a simple problem that can be solved through an independent third party 3. If the issue cannot be resolved easily, your State Authority may recommend a tribunal hearing to have your matter heard.

How can I avoid problems with my pool.
First and foremost, always use a reputable builder. Seek advice from friends, neighbours and relatives when selecting a builder. More importantly, make sure you understand your contract, warranty and any exclusions before agreeing to any works.

Then, once your pool has been installed, make sure you maintain it properly. All professional pool builders should do a comprehensive handover of your pool. In fact, it’s actually an obligation under the Australian standard for fibreglass pools for, known as AS/NZS1839.

The most common failing we see is that even professional pool shops don’t always maintain a pool in accordance with the manufacturer and pool builder’s requirements. Water and chemical balance is especially important, so read your pool owners manual carefully and pass on this information to whoever is maintaining your pool.

Finally, keep a logbook. You can refute any claims about how your pool has been maintained if you have evidence it was cared for properly.

If you have any further questions about pool warranties, please visit our Facebook page and ask our friendly client service team. We will respond to your query quickly!

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