So, you’ve finally got the pool of your dreams, but now it’s time for the pool equipment that turns a good swimming pool into a great one. Whether you’re just looking to enhance the aesthetics of your pool, or wanting to keep it in pristine condition, we’ve got an array of swimming pool accessories to bring your aquatic experience to life.

Picturesque water features add a touch of sophistication, while swim jets, spa jets and spa nooks all add to your underwater enjoyment. Our cleaning products are also some of the most important pool accessories you can buy. That glamour comes at a price, and if you ignore the upkeep of your pool, then it will start to look a lot less alluring. Take a look below and we’re sure you’ll find some accessories that catch your eye.

MagnaPool System

MagnaPool® system is made up of three components, the Hydroxinator & Reverse Polarity Electrolyic Cell, Glass Filtration Media and MagnaPool® Minerals. Each of these components offer their own benefits but when combined have amazing results. MagnaPool® creates a mineral swimming pool experience like no other and has more health benefits then salt water or manually-dosed chlorine pool.

MagnaPool Benefits

The magnesium in MagnaPool® minerals naturally detoxifies and balances your body, to help relieve stress, anxiety, aches and pains.The natural process of the minerals clumping together, combined with the glass media, means your MagnaPool will stay crystal clear, and rely less on harsh chemicals.

Automated Swimming Pool Cleaning

Timesaver! Cost-effective and automated, the Narellan Vortex Cleaning and Circulation System is a network of cleaning heads installed flush within your swimming pool floor, steps and benches. When activated, these 360° rotating heads pop up to clean your fibreglass swimming pool from bottom to top.

Sunpods & Water Features

Looking for that extra bit of magic? Our sunpods and water features are amazing ways to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor living area and complement all of our inground fibreglass swimming pools.

Swim Jets

The luxury of a lap pool is now yours at a fraction of the cost. Our swimming pool swim jets create an artificial current within your pool. Swim against the current for therapeutic purposes, fitness and aerobic exercise.

Spa Jets & Bubbling Spa Nooks

Relax and unwind. Have your swimming pool give you a massage with our in-pool spa inclusions. Choose from either Venturi spa jets or an air manifold system installed directly in your inground swimming pool. And for maximum effect, why not ask us about having both installed!

Swimming Pool Covers

Pool covers are a great way to save on evaporation, retain heat and keep debris out of your pool. Covering your fibreglass pool when it’s not in use will also help it retain heat. Whether you already have a Narellan Pool or are in the process of planning your dream backyard, there is a pool cover perfect for your pool and lifestyle. Talk to your Narellan qualified swimming pool builder about a swimming pool cover today.

Swimming Pool Cleaners

Easy to clean. A clean swimming pool is an inviting swimming pool, and we offer a range of cleaners to keep your pool looking pristine. Ask us about our suction and robotic swimming pool cleaning systems, and our infloor cleaner.

Swimming Pool Lights

Light up your fibreglass swimming pool with our range of traditional, colourful and innovative pool lights. Create both a magical look and a safer environment for your night time swim.

Swimming Pool Heating

With our range of quality swimming pool heating systems, you get the benefits of stable water temperature and an extended swimming season. Choose from our three pool heating systems: solar, heat pumps and gas, used separately or in conjunction with each other to keep your swimming pool at the optimal temperature all year round.

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