Who wouldn’t love to have their own fibreglass swimming pool in Austral? Narellan Pools can make your dream of having a luxurious and functional pool in the comfort of your home a reality! Get your free in-house consultation to find out the best design to suit your backyard.

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The Narellan Pools Macarthur team has extensive experience from the building & design and plumbing & civil works industries. We use our pool building expertise along with our exceptional customer service to build and deliver clients their dream pools.

We have a pool to suit your budget, your style and your block. No job is too big or too small. Whether it be a large rural lot or a compact suburban backyard, Narellan Pools Macarthur will work with you every step of the way to turn your dream of owning your own pool into a reality.

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Why Choose Narellan Pools in Austral?icon-arrow-2

Choosing Narellan Pools is choosing expertise, experience, and reputation. For over 47 years, Narellan Pools has been the go-to company for Australian homeowners and their fibreglass pool construction and installation needs. We operate an ISO 9001 accredited state-of-the-art fibreglass pool manufacturing facility within Australia so you can be sure that our pool products are regulated by the highest Australian standards. We also offer an inground lifetime structural warranty which gives you peace of mind that you are covered for any structural defects that may happen over the years.

Benefits of Having Narellan Pools in Austral icon-arrow-2

There are so many reasons to use Narellan Pools to improve your Austral home. Choose from our multitude of designs to see which would beautifully fit your architecture and landscape. The second benefit that you may gain from having a Narellan fibreglass pool is the chance to build lifelong memories with your family. Having a pool is a real property investment that can boost your asset valuation. Most property seekers are enticed to buy houses with this kind of extra feature.

Narellan Pools is committed to satisfying every client. We promise to help you conceptualise the pool of your dreams. We will listen to every request that you have and give you the best options available. Our technical and sales staff will be here with you along the way from the beginning until the end and even after the pool has been installed.

Can you still build my pool even if my house is hard to access? icon-arrow-2

Narellan Pools has built fibreglass swimming pools in Austral and other parts of the country using various means possible. We work with you to create a plan to ensure your property can be accessed. Our pool builders regularly use cranes to ensure pool shells can be easily fitted.

My Austral home has limited space. Do you have small pools available?icon-arrow-2

We have various pool models with different sizes. Choose from any of our compact pool designs such as the Eden, Nirvana, Madeira or Panama.

Is it difficult to maintain residential pools?icon-arrow-2

Pool maintenance requires dedication and discipline. Although the cleaning process can be easy due to the availability of automatic pool cleaners and other equipment, you have to devote time for regular cleaning. To keep your pool at its optimum condition, make sure that you maintain its water balance through periodic vacuuming, debris cleaning, pool filtration, and more.

Can I just have my swimming pool built without government approval?icon-arrow-2

Definitely not. You will need to secure approval and certification from the local council before construction begins and even before you can use your pool. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a reputable fibreglass pool contractor to be certain that you are never going against legal regulations. Narellan Pools has a reputation for offering stress-free fibreglass pool construction and installation to customers because we abide by national and local building laws.

Do you have different pool designs?icon-arrow-2

Narellan Pools understand that different customers have different needs and varying demands. Because of this, we offer a variety of pool designs such as contemporary pools, family pools, lap pools, plunge pools, inground pools, above ground pools, and more.

To learn more about fibreglass swimming pools in Austral, contact the team at Narellan Pools today!

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