Looking for fibreglass swimming pool contractors in Campbelltown? Narellan Pools is an icon in the fibreglass pool construction and installation industry. We have been serving Australian households for over 47 years now and have consistently delivered excellent quality swimming pools that can boost the functionality and value of your property.

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The Narellan Pools Macarthur team has extensive experience from the building & design and plumbing & civil works industries. We use our pool building expertise along with our exceptional customer service to build and deliver clients their dream pools.

We have a pool to suit your budget, your style and your block. No job is too big or too small. Whether it be a large rural lot or a compact suburban backyard, Narellan Pools Macarthur will work with you every step of the way to turn your dream of owning your own pool into a reality.

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Why Choose Narellan Pools in Campbelltown?icon-arrow-2

Choosing Narellan Pools for your swimming pool installation needs in Campbelltown is one of the best decisions you will ever make in your home improvement journey. We build great quality fibreglass swimming pools using sophisticated pool fabrication technology and following only the highest industry standards. All our fibreglass swimming pools are manufactured in our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified facility. Every inground swimming pool we sell comes with a lifetime structural warranty on structural defects. We are confident that our pools will withstand varying weather conditions and environmental factors.

Benefits of Choosing Narellan Pools in Campbelltown icon-arrow-2

There are multiple benefits in choosing Narellan Pools for your fibreglass swimming pool installation requirements in Campbelltown. First is confidence in experience. Since we have been in the pool construction industry for nearly five decades now, we have gained hundreds of positive testimonials that prove our quality workmanship. By trusting our experience, you can be assured of having an outstanding quality fibreglass pool.

Second is responsive customer care. Our sales representatives, technical staff, and even contractors will be highly respectful of your opinions or suggestions, and we will readily help with your concerns from the beginning and even until after installation.

The third is a world-class product that you can forever be proud of. Our services are not only concentrated in Australia but we also have a global presence in New Zealand, North America and Canada. Since we have a global brand to take care of, we make sure that each of our fibreglass swimming pools has an embedded microchip so that quality checks can be transparent and accessible both by our franchise holders and customers all over the world.

Do your fibreglass pools have any special features? icon-arrow-2

Narellan fibreglass swimming pools have a lifetime structural warranty which protects your investment from structural damage forever. We also boast of the Narellan Pools Aquaguard gel coat which was designed to keep your fibreglass pool from being damaged by UV rays, bacteria, or algae.

How much will it cost to have a fibreglass swimming pool installed in my Campbelltown home? icon-arrow-2

The price of fibreglass swimming pool construction and installation does vary depending on different factors such as pool design, size, colour, and even site location and accessibility. However, standard inground fibreglass swimming pools start at $30,000 to $45,000. Narellan Pools offer free consultations. Be confident that we will discuss with you all the costs required of the project.

Can I pay in instalments or are there financing options for the fibreglass pool? icon-arrow-2

Our company accepts different modes of payment and various financing methods. If you have your own finance broker or bank, then you can make the arrangements for that. But if you prefer to have an interest-free payment plan through zipMoney, then we are also very open to that option.

How long does the pool installation take?icon-arrow-2

We know that you are excited to use your Campbelltown home swimming pool. The length of construction and installation would all depend on the size that you want, the accessibility of your backyard, the length of the council approval for construction, and other landscaping requirements. Generally though, once it’s ready to go into the ground, a fibreglass pool takes a couple of weeks to install.

Do you offer different pool sizes? icon-arrow-2

Our fibreglass swimming pools come in different sizes. If you are not sure what’s the right size to get for your house, then we can check the available space in your backyard and help you determine the perfect fibreglass swimming pool size.

To learn more about superior fibreglass swimming pools that can be installed in Campbelltown, contact the professional team at Narellan Pools today!

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