With a background in landscaping as well as pool installation, Narellan Pools Discovery Coast is proud to create dream pools for those in Agnes Water, Tannum Sands, Gladstone and Boyne Island.

Our owner, Bob Cooper, has been installing pools for 7 years and landscaping for 16 years, and his commitment to putting the client first is shared by the whole Narellan Pools Discovery Coast team.

We know that the opportunities to create great backyard spaces are endless, and we’re excited to show you how your dream pool can come to life with the support of great pool designs, an experienced team, and a commitment to your experience being free of hassles.

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The Narellan Pools Discovery Coast Team

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Getting involved in our community has been an absolute honour for us. We support:

Types of Swimming Pools Popular in Discovery coast / Gladstone Pools 


This fibreglass pool in Gladstone and surrounding areas is ideal for someone who wants a impressive backyard and the latest designs. The pool is enhanced by its grand, elegant staircase entry. The Grandeur pool has gradual depth that serves well anyone who loves to swim for exercise or family fun day activities and games. This design has two entry points and a clear channel for swimming in a continuous tumble turn


Like the Grandeur the other pool design that is perfect for any Gladstone backyard is the Federation. It is a beautiful contemporary pool design. Like all Narellan Pools this ideal Gladstone pool comes with child safety ledges, convenient wide steps across the width of the pool and a bench seat across the width of the deep end. This pool makes a stunning centrepiece in any Discovery Coast backyard.


This pool is an excellent option for someone looking to create a paradise in their backyard. It mimics the shape of a natural rock pool creating the feel of an oasis. It is designed to give you a large wading area and different seating points with access to wide steps. The length of this pool ranges from seven to nine and the width from 3.7m to 3.95m. The deepest part of this pool is usually 1.7m.

Free Standing / Above Ground Poolsicon-arrow-2

Our specially engineered free standing pool shell allows you the flexibility to now build the pool of your dreams in backyards which previously would have been deemed cost prohibited or impractical due to a sloping block or rock underfoot.  Our Free Standing range features designs from across the range of Swimming Pools, Plunge Pools, Lap Pools and Spas.  Talk to Bob today and learn more about our Free Standing Pool Range.

Whether it is a swimming pool, plunge pool or a spa, all Narellan options are designed to withstand the hot Australian weather conditions on the Discovery Coast. Whatever the case, we pride ourselves on offering products that suit any taste and preference.

Make it your ownicon-arrow-2

We have options for you to extend your pool area and cater for those families that have children or for those that simply want to relax all year round. You can add a spa or wading pool to any of our pools and create the perfect combinations.

The Harmony Wading Poolicon-arrow-2

This Gladstone plunge pool is exceptional for children. It is designed to complement an inground swimming pool and has a depth of 0.4m which is perfect for lounging. It can fit up to eight adults. The widest of this pool is 1.75m with a length of 3.25 m.


Narellan spas are luxurious. They are meant to complement a full range of pools to allow you and your family to enjoy a relaxing experience. It helps that each design is intended for a specific user and property type. Some of the most popular types include:

Plunge Poolsicon-arrow-2

Narellan plunge pools are designed to suit people who want the benefit of Gladstone swimming but at a smaller pool size. They are versatile and so can fit any backyard. They can comfortably accommodate steam jets to offer resistance.

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