Upgrade your lifestyle and experience luxury and comfort at the safety of your own home in Eagle Vale by getting state-of-the-art fibreglass pools from us! Narellan Pools have a wide variety of high quality fibreglass swimming pools so you know there will be a colour and style to suit every backyard.

The team

The Narellan Pools Macarthur team has extensive experience from the building & design and plumbing & civil works industries. We use our pool building expertise along with our exceptional customer service to build and deliver clients their dream pools.

We have a pool to suit your budget, your style and your block. No job is too big or too small. Whether it be a large rural lot or a compact suburban backyard, Narellan Pools Macarthur will work with you every step of the way to turn your dream of owning your own pool into a reality.

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Choosing the best contractor for your residential pool in Eagle Vale requires you to find a company that has a positive reputation built from significant experience in delivering dream pools for customers throughout the years. Narellan Pools is an icon in the fibreglass pool construction industry. We have been manufacturing high quality fibreglass swimming pools in Australia for nearly five decades now. We have our own manufacturing facility that is ISO 9001 certified. We also take pride in our Aquaguard gel coat that effectively protects all our fibreglass pool products from fading, UV damage, bacterial growth, and algae buildup.

By engaging our reputable services, you’re assured of product quality, customer satisfaction, and contractor professionalism. Expect that you will be at the centre of every process as we get your insights and approval from beginning until the end. We also respect our partnership as we will maintain open communication for all queries and concerns even after sales and installation.

Benefits of Using Narellan Pools in Eagle Vale icon-arrow-2

There are so many benefits in having your own fibreglass swimming pool. First is luxury wherein you can comfortably relax and enjoy the privacy of your own pool at home. Second is meaningful memories that can be built as you and your family use the pool for bonding moments. The third is the material valuation of your property because having an elegant and sophisticated swimming pool can surely increase the value of your home. Fourth is personal satisfaction for having achieved such a beautiful home feature that will last through the years. We have an inground lifetime structural warranty on structural defects that will save you from future stress, as well.

How much would it cost to have a fibreglass swimming pool built in Eagle Vale?icon-arrow-2

The cost of building a fibreglass pool depends on the size, location accessibility, design, and other factors. Pricing for a standard inground fibreglass pool from us starts from $30k to $45k. Give us a call, and we can visit your home for a free consultation and provide you with a thorough quote.

Do you have the capacity to build huge pools?icon-arrow-2

Certainly, we can. For many decades, we have been the trusted pool contractor of hotels and other commercial establishments in Australia. If you want to have a grandiose fibreglass swimming pool at home, then you can choose among our 10-metre,11-metre or 12-metre pool models that can go as deep as 2.10 metres.

What if my Eagle Vale Home is small? Can I still have a pool in my property?icon-arrow-2

Yes, definitely. Even if you have a limited lot size, you can certainly still have a luxurious pool. Choose from our Eden, Nirvana, Madeira, or Panama compact fibreglass swimming pool models.

Are there government regulations to be concerned about when building a pool at home? icon-arrow-2

Yes, you will have to be aware of all the building regulations in order to prevent problems when having your pool constructed. The good thing about using Narellan Pools is that we take care of these details. All standard regulations will be reflected in the design, plan, and implementation of the pool construction project.

Are fibreglass swimming pools safe and sturdy?icon-arrow-2

We use only the best fibreglass materials, follow only the highest manufacturing standards, and perform only proven installation techniques to make sure that all our pool products will be safe and sturdy. Narellan Pools withstand varying weather conditions.

To learn more about fibreglass swimming pools in Eagle Vale, contact the reputable team at Narellan Pools today!

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So pleased with my new spa!! John, Darren and Luke from Narellen Pools at Macarthur did a great job. Minimal fuss and mess and very professional and friendly. Marnie is lovely too and so helpful. If you have a small backyard these guys are the specialists.

Maria V.

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