Owned and operated by licenced and local pool builders, Narellan Pools Gippsland has been serving Leongatha and the surrounding South and Central Gippsland area for a number of years. Our popular pools are available in a wide variety of different sizes, styles, colours, and depths, so they are exactly what families need when they’re looking to add a new pool in Leongatha. Our core focus is building amazing inground swimming pools, but we also have a comprehensive understanding of landscaping design, so you can be certain that we will create the perfect backyard to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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Working across such a wide area as Gippsland, we have installed fibreglass swimming pools in a host of different environments and properties. Our core expertise is building inground swimming pools, but we can also help you construct the perfect backyard with additional services such as landscaping design. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and will visit our clients at their properties to provide a comprehensive consultation and free quote.

We have an extensive range of beautiful fibreglass swimming pools, plunge pools and spas, all available in a large variety of sizes and colours to create a stunning centrepiece in your backyard. Our most popular pool is the Narellan Pools Symphony Pool, which comes in a range of lengths and is ideal for any family looking at adding a pool to their home. It has a bench that runs lengthways, making it practical for entertaining and kids to play on, and its long, straight lines match classic and modern home designs.

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A swimming pool is a great addition to any property. It offers a space to relax, entertain, and exercise right in your own backyard. Fibreglass swimming pools are the ideal solution when it comes to adding a swimming pool to your home.

High-quality fibreglass swimming pools from Narellan Pools offer the perfect blend of quality, style, value for money, and durability. Whether you’re looking for a large family-sized swimming pool or a compact spa, Narellan Pools has you covered.

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Free-standing above ground fibreglass swimming pools are the perfect option if you want a pool, but are looking for a cost-effective solution for a sloped or rocky backyard. All types of pools that Narellan Pools offer, from standard size to compact, plunge and even spas can be built as above ground. Our free-standing above ground pools are perfect for sloping backyards as they can be installed to complement the slope of the yard without needing the additional time and expense of building a retaining wall. They can also be installed adjacent to existing decks to create the effect of the home linking seamlessly to the pool.

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A plunge pool offers all the benefits of a regular size swimming pool in a smaller size, which is perfect for backyards with limited space. They look fantastic when paired with stylish entertainment areas, so you can capture the look and feel of a resort in your backyard, regardless of its size.

Plunge pools still have a generous amount of space for swimming, providing you with lots of depth for a wide variety of water-based activities. These smaller size pools can also be used as an attractive design feature to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your property.


Spa pools are the ideal solution if you want a space in your backyard to relax and unwind, without the large physical footprint of a full-sized swimming pool.

Spa pools from Narellan Pools are constructed with all the same care and attention as the full-sized swimming pools in the Narellan Pools range, but they have a smaller and deeper design and can be fitted with extras such as heating units and spa jets. They offer the perfect way to relax all year-round.

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With humble beginnings in a chicken shed in south-west Sydney, we have grown to become Australia’s leading pool manufacturer of technologically advanced fibreglass pools. Our fibreglass pools are proudly Australian made to the highest quality standards in state-of-the-art facilities that have earnt ISO 9001 accreditation. When you buy a fibreglass pool from Narellan Pools, you know you are buying quality. On top of that, every Narellan Pools fibreglass pool shell is embedded with a microchip that enables you to access all quality certifications and checks conducted at any time during and post-construction of your pool.

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