Upgrade your North Richmond home by adding a state-of-the-art and functional fibreglass swimming pool to your backyard. Here at Narellan Pools, we are dedicated to improving the property of our clients by installing elegant and durable swimming pools that they will treasure for years to come.

Leo and Dianne’s Story

With an award winning pool building team, we have installed hundreds of inground swimming pools right across the Hawkesbury region. At Narellan Pools Hawkesbury, we are extremely client focused and use our pool building expertise to match your dream backyard with the ideal inground fibreglass swimming pool.

Our most popular Narellan Pool is the Symphony Pool because of its straight and modern lines – a trait most homeowners are after. With Narellan Pools Hawkesbury as your pool builder, you can enjoy your perfect backyard within weeks with our streamlined quoting and swimming pool installation processes.

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Why Choose Narellan Pools in North Richmond?icon-arrow-2

One of the main reasons to choose Narellan Pools is confidence in experience. We have stood the test of time for having been in the pool construction industry for nearly five decades. The community of North Richmond and countless households all over Australia have already recognised us to be an icon in the fibreglass pool installation industry. By using our services, you can have the peace of mind that your pool will be as elegant and as sturdy as it can possibly be. We have our own fibreglass pool manufacturing facility that is ISO 9001 certified. Since it is located in Australia, you can also be sure that our products will be of the highest Australian standards.

Benefits of Having Narellan Pools in North Richmondicon-arrow-2

Having your very own fibreglass swimming pool in North Richmond will create such a huge transformation to your home. Relaxation and comfort can easily be achieved without having to book hotels or resorts just to enjoy a plunge in the pool. Meaningful memories with loved ones can be fostered by the fun opportunities offered by such a functional feature in your backyard. Even the value of your real estate property can be increased by having an elegant and sophisticated fibreglass pool installed.

Narellan Pools is a client-centred business. We put you at the centre of every process – from the design conceptualisation, budget consideration, and even to actual implementation. We want you to be satisfied with your swimming pool, that’s why we are offering a wide variety of design options to choose from. We also want your pool to be a valued investment that’s why we will help you protect it by using our registered trademark, the Aquaguard gel coat that can prevent fading, UV damage, bacterial growth, and algae buildup. We also want you to have peace of mind – that’s why we offer an inground lifetime structural warranty on structural defects.

Do you only build residential pools? Can you also do commercial pools?icon-arrow-2

Narellan Pools is a trusted name for both residential and commercial fibreglass swimming pools. We have built excellent quality swimming pools in backyards, hotels, business areas, and various other locations.

Are fibreglass pools safe? Don’t they easily break?icon-arrow-2

Fibreglass swimming pools are actually very sturdy and difficult to crack. Fibreglass is constructed as one piece – the full pool shell has the ability to flex without cracking and can withstand normal amounts of earth movement. Proper maintenance is key to your pool’s longevity.

How long does pool installation take? icon-arrow-2

The time it takes for fibreglass pool construction and installation depends on various factors including pool size and design, contractor availability, local council approval, site accessibility, and more. Once the pool is ready to be placed into the ground, though, it will take around two weeks to install.

Around how much would it cost me to have a fibreglass pool installed in my North Richmond home? icon-arrow-2

The standard starting price for an inground fibreglass pool starts between $30,000 to $45,000. This price estimate will increase if you would want to have a bigger sized pool. We can work around your budget – that’s why it is very important to get our free in-home consultation to have a better idea.

Can I pay in instalment?icon-arrow-2

Here at Narellan Pools, we understand that clients have different financial circumstances. We are open for arrangements with your finance broker or bank. You may also get the help of ZipMoney for interest-free instalment payments.

To learn more about fibreglass swimming pools in North Richmond, contact the reputable team at Narellan Pools today!

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Leo is the most outstanding supplier, installer and representative of a company performing this type of service I have ever encountered. I would definitely recommend him and Narellan Pools to all.

Mr & Mrs Brown

Thanks you for all your hard work in the construction of our Narellan pool. We are delighted with the results and have had many positive comments from friends and family. We have no hesitation in recommending yourselves to future clients.

Mr & Mrs Kennedy

Great job! Nice people. Thanks for your support.

Mr & Mrs Pralea

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