Owned and operated by a licenced and local pool builder, Narellan Pools Gippsland builds beautiful swimming pools in Traralgon and all around the expansive Central and South Gippsland area. We have installed fibreglass swimming pools all across the region for over 15 years in a variety of different styles and environments. Our extensive range of fibreglass swimming pools, spas, and plunge pools are available in an array of colours and sizes, ensuring you get a stunning centrepiece for your backyard. We pride ourselves on having a truly hands-on approach to building pools in Traralgon, and are committed to your journey with us being straight-forward and enjoyable.

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Working across such a wide area as Gippsland, we have installed fibreglass swimming pools in a host of different environments and properties. Our core expertise is building inground swimming pools, but we can also help you construct the perfect backyard with additional services such as landscaping design. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and will visit our clients at their properties to provide a comprehensive consultation and free quote.

We have an extensive range of beautiful fibreglass swimming pools, plunge pools and spas, all available in a large variety of sizes and colours to create a stunning centrepiece in your backyard. Our most popular pool is the Narellan Pools Symphony Pool, which comes in a range of lengths and is ideal for any family looking at adding a pool to their home. It has a bench that runs lengthways, making it practical for entertaining and kids to play on, and its long, straight lines match classic and modern home designs.

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Every Narellan Pools inground fibreglass pool shell is sold with a manufacturer’s lifetime structural warranty on structural defects. This means any structural defects are 100% covered for the lifetime of the pool, so you can kick back and relax with your new pool, safe in the knowledge that any structural issue will be covered.

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Fibreglass swimming pools offer so many benefits. As they come pre-made and pre-shaped, they are quick and easy to install. Narellan Pools’ fibreglass pools feature our Aquaguard gel coating, which is designed to protect your pool against the growth of bacteria and algae, as well as UV damage and fading. Additionally, we construct our pools to the highest standards of quality and provide a Lifetime Structural Warranty for all inground pool shells we sell. If you keep up with the basic care required, your Narellan pool will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Limited space in your backyard does not mean you have to give up on having a pool the whole family can enjoy. Compact fibreglass swimming pools come with all the benefits of standard fibreglass pools, including easy install and simple maintenance, but in a smaller size that is better suited for more compact yards. A smaller pool has a lot of advantages, including being easier to heat and maintain temperature. Smaller pools are also more environmentally friendly, as they require less water and chemicals to maintain year-round, so even if you may not need one for the space considerations, a compact pool may suit your long term budget goals better than a larger pool.

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With humble beginnings in a chicken shed in south-west Sydney, we have grown to become Australia’s leading pool manufacturer of technologically advanced fibreglass pools. All our fibreglass pools for our Australian clients are proudly made in Australia to the highest quality standards, with our manufacturing facilities earning ISO 9001 accreditation. When you buy a Narellan pool, you know you are buying a quality, Australian made pool. On top of that, every Narellan Pools fibreglass pool shell is embedded with a microchip that enables you to access all quality certifications and checks conducted at any time during and post-construction of your pool.

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We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools