Summer Tips for your Swimming Pool


Do you have a Narellan Pool?

Check out these summer tips below to keep your pool pristine all year round! Regular maintenance of your pool and its equipment will ensure it is always working at optimum level.

Water Balancing

Out of balance water can cause expensive and irreversible damage to the pool interior, equipment and may also inhibit the sanitisation process. Good water balance protects swimmers and when properly maintained throughout the year, the pool water should be fresh, clean and sparkling.

Below are a few tips;

  • Maintain the correct water level – ¾ of the way up the skimmer box is recommended
  • Keep an eye on evaporation; this can be severe in summer due to high temperature
  • Never let the pool water drop below the skimmer box
  • Do NOT empty your pool or you will void your warranty
  • Take a sample of your pool water and your Narellan Pool’s Owners’ Manual to your local pool shop at the start of each season for testing. It is important to follow this protocol to meet the requirements of your warranty.


General Maintenance

Below are a few general pool tips;

  • Thoroughly backwash your sand filter or remove and clean your cartridge filter, depending on pool use, and clean your Skimmer Box


  • Keep the chlorinator running at 80 – 100% along with chemically balancing your pool to keep the water sanitised during the summer heat


  • Solar Blankets & Covers reduce pool water from evaporating. Please make sure covers are taken off at least once a week. This will allow the pool to breathe and protects the pool and pool equipment from chlorine levels that may exceed the manufacturers specification


  • Clean the pool and vacuum the floor and brush walls regularly


  • Ensure you have the most current resuscitation sign positioned in your pool area and visible at all times.

If you have any queries, please contact us on 1300 676 657.

Happy Swimming!