5 Tips For Indulging In A Staycation In Australia
Mar 3, 2023

Tropicalize Your Surroundings

Some tropical-theme decorations will really help set a vacation mood at home. Buy some of those tiny umbrellas for your cocktails, get some new inflatable pool toys or pool equipment, order a box of scented candles, and maybe even splurge on some lightweight outdoor blankets with a tropical look. You can really make your swimming pool design seem super tropical with some green-colored garden lighting and some upmarket wooden chaise lounges, just like the ones in the Thai resorts. Think outside the box and set your home up in an environment that really helps make your home feel extra special.

Detox From Work

When you take a staycation, you don’t always have to take a long break away from work, but you do need to not work while you are on holiday. Sometimes all you really need is just a few days without work to really feel rejuvenated. That means it is essential that you put your phone down and on silent as much as possible. If you can’t disconnect completely, you should set aside some allocated windows of time that you check in with work at the very least. Not only will this give you the downtime you need to recharge, but phones and swimming pools do not mix.

Set Financial Limits

By setting aside some money for your time away at home, you can keep the costs down while still giving yourself permission to treat yourself for a week or two. A budget is important because many just assume that they won’t spend much on a staycation, but in the end, they actually overspend getting food and drinks home-delivered. Another reason a budget is a great idea is you can reinvest the money you’re saving by relaxing around at home and buying some new swimming pool accessories, or if you don’t have one at home, start putting some money away for your own inground spa or swimming pool.

Self-Care Time

Because staycations only really require a minimal amount of effort and planning, there’s really nothing that can stress you out which is why they can be really therapeutic. You get to focus on yourself and really slow down the fast pace of normal life. You get to choose what to do, where to go, and what to eat. Spend a whole day binging on a show, go out on a quiet walk, play some board games or set up your swimming pool like a day spa with a cucumber face mask to top it all off. Do all the things in and around your home that you’ve always wanted to do, but you never really got the time.

Kickback Poolside

Nothing screams staycation quite like relaxing around your contemporary swimming pool and enjoying some cool drinks. If your home is pool-less, take some time to consider how much better your staycation would be if you did have your own pool at home. If you don’t have the budget or the room for a normal-size fibreglass swimming pool, a more affordable option would be an inground plunge pool. Start thinking about a new pool now, so you can be all set for your next little staycation adventure at home.

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