Kit Pool

Don’t have access to a certified Narellan Pools pool builder?

Our Kit Pool

The Narellan Pools range of award winning Inground and Free Standing Swimming Pools and Spas are now available to purchase in a self-install kit. Our self-install kit provides you the opportunity to have a world class pool or spa anywhere in Australia. With our simple Kit Pool options you can bring your dream to life.

Simple 4 Step Process
  • Select your pool design, colour and equipment
  • We will provide you with a quote
  • Order your Kit Pool
  • We will deliver your pool to you

Inground & Free Standing Fibreglass Self Install Kit

Our range of self-install Kit Pools are available on our full range of pools and spas. Our Kit Pool options are perfect if you want a fibreglass Narellan Pool and are happy to install the pool yourself, or have a builder who can install the pool for you.

A self-install kit includes the pool shell, hydrostatic value (which is a requirement in Australia), skimmer box and all the information to install the pool to Australian Standards including our installation guide and engineers specifications.

What We Provide

Narellan Pools Fibreglass Shell

Complete with an inground Lifetime Structural Warranty, a 15-year Free Standing Pool Warranty, and a 10-year Surface Warranty on our MarbleglassTM interior gel coat.

Engineer’s Specifications

We provide an engineer specifications sheet, which you must include as part of your approval process. The installation of your pool must adhere to the engineer’s requirements.

Pool Owner’s manual

We will provide you with a Pool Owner’s Manual that will contain your pool maintenance instructions, log book and exclusive warranty details.

Dig Specifications

All our inground pools come with dig specifications to ensure you dig your hole the right size to fit your pool. This will save time and additional costs in your installation.

Standard Pool Equipment

Your Narellan Pools sales agent will be able to assist you with a recommendation for the right pool equipment to suit your pool size and environment.

Additional Support

Our team is here to help you organise everything you need for your new pool. This can range from full equipment packages, chemicals, and in some cases, the organisation of landscaping materials.

How To Get Started

We will provide you with our comprehensive installation guide and any other information you may need to install your Kit Pool.

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We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools