Building your house? Consider Installing a Narellan Pools Sleeper Pool
Mar 3, 2023

A beautiful pool does wonders for the look and feel of your home and backyard. It offers a great space for you to have fun and relax with family and friends, it’s visually appealing and makes a great talking point for when visitors arrive, and it can really refresh and add value to a backyard that may otherwise be bare and characterless.

A quality pool is a great addition to already-established properties, but it’s also a fantastic option to accompany a newly built property.

If you’re at the point of preparing to build your new house, read on to find out why installing a pool now provides you with many benefits.

Timing is Everything

When you’re getting ready to build your new home, there’s so much to consider and plan, to ensure that the place is move-in-ready! Of course, it’s also a very exciting time, and there are many aspects of home building that are a lot of fun – particularly those interior design elements where you can really express your style and personal taste.

With all the planning involved to get the house up and running, the backyard is often the last component considered in property development. This means, of course, that once the house is established and ready to move into, homeowners are often faced with the impending challenge of designing and creating the backyard they want, so that they can eventually experience all their property has to offer, inside AND out.

Building your dream backyard after your house is built isn’t a problem necessarily, but if you want to have a swimming pool installed, you might find it’s a lot easier to organise the installation to coincide with the construction of your house.

Narellan Pools are experts at installing high-quality fibreglass swimming pools. Our focus on continual innovation and making pool installation as convenient as possible led to us introducing our amazing Sleeper Pools. These pools are designed to be put into the ground before you move into your new-build home.

New home and new pool – ready at the same time

Your new home is built and ready to live in – no doubt, you’re excited! Unfortunately, though, there’s a big pile of dirt out the back, and that means quality time with family and friends in the backyard won’t be happening any time soon.

Thankfully, you can avoid that frustrating situation by planning ahead and organising the installation of an exceptional Sleeper Pool from Narellan Pools, to happen ahead of your home build.

There are many benefits to installing your pool to coincide with your home build – one of the key benefits is that you’ll only need the single planning submission to go to your local council, with the one submission covering your house and pool. If you were to leave installing your dream pool until after you move in, a separate planning submission would need to be submitted to your local council or certifier to get approval for your pool.

Our local pool builders are incredibly experienced and have made many families happy by enhancing their newly built properties with wonderful Sleeper Pools.

A Sleeper Pool from Narellan Pools is a pool shell from our range that is placed in the backyard of your new-build home before the home is constructed. A Sleeper Pool will allow you to enjoy your backyard from the earliest moments of living in your newly constructed home. By installing a Sleeper Pool to work with the home-build phase, you’ll find you can enjoy your backyard almost as soon as you move in. All the groundwork and placing of the pool will have been completed prior to your move-in date, and your Sleeper Pool will have been boarded up with a fence placed around it for safety. The boarding up of the pool will also help to keep it secure. When you do move in, you’ll just need to have the final pool installation steps sorted, and your local pool builder will be there to help you. These last few steps include the connection of the plumbing and filtration equipment to get your new pool ready for swimming in.

Our Sleeper Pools are designed to save you time in the long run. When you move into your newly built home, you don’t want to have to wait weeks to get your dream pool installed – you want to make the most of your space and enjoy it straight away! With a Sleeper Pool, the more time-intensive parts of the pool installation process are all sorted before you move into your new-build home.

A Sleeper Pool represents a useful option when compared with a pool that is installed after you take up residence in your newly constructed house. For a pool installed after your move-in date, you’ll have to wait for the pool to be built and then installed, and any landscaping you want around the pool will have to wait until your pool is put in place. With a Sleeper Pool, as your chosen pool shell is already in the ground by the time you move in, you can move straight onto getting the pool landscaping done. Before you know it, you’ll be swimming in your brand-new pool!

As our Sleeper Pool shells are put into the ground on your site before the home-build phase, you can avoid the issue of having to pay for soil removal later. This is because in many cases, the soil removed to allow for the pool shell to go into the ground can be used elsewhere in your yard for your other landscaping plans.

Getting in early with your pool installation is also a good way to avoid the cost required for the use of a crane to get your pool into the right position – quite often, our Sleeper Pools can be installed before a crane becomes necessary.

Installing a Sleeper Pool with Narellan Pools

At Narellan Pools, we understand and respect that installing a pool is a big investment, and the process can seem daunting, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever installed a pool. We want to assure you that you’re in safe (and supportive) hands with us, and we’re dedicated to ensuring your pool installation experience is hassle-free.

You may not have been aware that a Sleeper Pool is an option for your new-build place, and perhaps you were thinking of organising your pool after your home is built. The home-building phase is a very convenient time to install your pool, and with the help of your Narellan Pools local pool builder, you’ll be able to plan a Sleeper Pool that aligns with your lifestyle, budget, and backyard vision.

Narellan Pools has an amazing array of pool shell shapes and sizes, so your Sleeper Pool can truly mesh with and complement the shape and size of your backyard. We know that with many modern housing estates, homeowners often end up having a backyard that’s on the smaller side. The good news is that our local pool builders have plenty of experience working with smaller spaces, and our range includes such compact-sized shells as our Eden and Nirvana models.  You can learn more about these pools by clicking here.

With a Sleeper Pool from Narellan Pools, the same standards for the pool quality and finish apply as with all of our pool installations, so we can assure you that your fibreglass Sleeper Pool will be built to the highest quality standards. Our pool manufacturing systems and processes have earned us ISO 9001 accreditation. When it comes to the look and design of your pool, you have plenty of options with Narellan Pools, to truly make your pool a reflection of your personal style. You’ll be happy to know that we offer a fantastic range of pool finishes, with our Marbleglass finish range including many beautiful pool colour options for your Sleeper Pool.

As Narellan Pools recognises you’ve got a lot on your plate with the various aspects of your home build, we’re sure you’ll appreciate us working with you and your home builder in a timely and efficient manner to map out your dream pool and how its installation will progress alongside the construction of your home. Our local pool builders have a lot of experience engaging with home builders, so you can be certain that the installation of your dream pool will be treated with the same respect and attention as any of the other critical home-building steps. With our thorough planning and installation process, and our commitment to communicating with you and your home builder, a summer oasis in your backyard is not far away!

Narellan Pools prides itself on operating with transparency and integrity. You’ll be fully informed of the entire installation process for your Sleeper Pool from the outset, and there won’t be any hidden costs to worry about.

Better still, the end result will be a beautiful, high-quality fibreglass swimming pool that will transform an empty space into a functional, appealing space where you can relax, have fun and make lifelong memories with family and friends.

With a Sleeper Pool installed by Narellan Pools, you’ll have an outdoor destination in your backyard to enjoy when you move into your newly constructed home, rather than an unusable backyard space that forces you and the family to stay indoors until something is done with it.

Once your Sleeper Pool is installed, we’ll provide you with your very own Pool Owner’s Manual, which makes caring for your pool easy to manage with its maintenance instructions and various other inclusions.

Making the Right Call

The friendly and professional team at Narellan Pools is dedicated to making sure that the organisation of your Sleeper Pool is a straightforward and hassle-free process, and your local pool builder will guide you through the journey to your dream pool. We pride ourselves on delivering the world’s best and most loved client experiences, so you can be sure that we’ll look after you and your pool vision.

If construction on your new home is about to commence, now is a great time to get in contact with the Narellan Pools team to find out more about how our Sleeper Pools can present a fantastic option for your backyard.

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