Can A Plunge Pool Be Heated?
Mar 3, 2023

How to Pick A Heating System

When it comes time to select the best heating system for your plunge swimming pool, there are a few key factors you should consider. Not all heating systems are the best solution for every pool owner, so thinking about your needs carefully is important to get the right solution for you.

Climate and Location

The climate throughout Australia varies considerably. Depending on the time of year, the difference between water temperatures in Sydney to Melbourne can be as high as 10ºC. With the potential for such a large difference in pool temperature, the requirements to heat your swimming pool will vary as well. A small difference in surface temperature can also translate into a larger difference in the temperature beneath the surface. The cooler the temperature the more heating will be required, so to keep costs down and remain as efficient as possible it’s important to think about your local climate.

Pool Usage

How you use your swimming pool will also dictate the type of heating solution that is best for you. If you intend to only use your swimming pool occasionally and at short notice, then a system that is quick to heat, but costlier to run might be a better choice. Whereas if you use your pool constantly and want it to always be ready, a system that can ensure your pool is always ready and has lower long-term running costs might be a better choice.

Pool Design

Different heating solutions are better suited to different types of swimming pools. A typical plunge pool will require a smaller heating system than a large family pool, making it cheaper to run the heating in general.

Types of Heating Systems

Solar Heating Systems

Solar panel systems are a great option for plunge pool heating. Panels are installed on the roof of your property, which uses solar power to heat water and pump it to the pool. The running cost comes from the small electrical pump circulating the water. Solar tends to be a much cheaper long-term solution than gas or electric heating pumps, but keep in mind the fairly large initial investment required to install the panels.

Electric Heat Pumps

Electric heating systems are a great solution for all-year plunge pool heating. The pump heats the water directly as it circulates it into the pool. Since it is powered by your mains supply, it is available and ready to heat all year round, whatever the weather or time of day.

Gas Heating

Gas heaters are the best way to heat a plunge pool that is used infrequently or with little notice, without burdening you with high long-term running costs. Gas-powered heaters can heat a pool in less than an hour, and the only cost is the gas used so if you aren’t using the pool, you aren’t paying to heat it.

Pool Blankets and Coverings

Pool blankets and coverings aren’t a way to heat the pool directly, but they can be a great addition to help keep running costs low by retaining the heat in the pool and reducing the amount of time required to heat the pool.

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