Customise Your Small Swimming Pool with Narellan Pools
Mar 2, 2023

Narellan Pools offers a range of customization options for small and compact swimming pools. In the article, we’ll talk through some of the customization options available to allow you to truly tailor your swimming pool experience.

Small and Compact Swimming Pools

Compact swimming pools, sometimes referred to as small pools, are exactly what they sound like – a swimming pool with a smaller physical footprint than standard-sized pools. Our compact swimming pools are made with the same care and attention, using the same process, and in the same facility as all our other pool shells; the only difference is the size.

Swimming Pool Accessories

Cleaning Systems

Keeping your pool clean is important not only for your enjoyment but also for your health. A dirty pool is unpleasant to swim in and can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. Cleaning accessories vary in both price and functionality, with manual, robotic, and automated versions available, but all will leave your pool sparkling clean.

Water Features

Water features are a superb way of turning your small or compact swimming pool into a tranquil backyard garden oasis. They come in a range of different designs and styles depending on the surrounding landscaping, pool choice, and the effect you are looking to create.

Swim Jets

One of the downsides of small and compact swimming pools is that they leave very little room for swimming. Swim jets are the solution to enable you to get some exercise in a small pool. These high-powered jets create a flow of water, allowing you to swim in place whatever the size of your pool.

Spa Jets

Who doesn’t love a relaxing day at the spa? Compact swimming pools are perfectly designed for having your own spa experience in your backyard, but no spa would be complete without some relaxing water jets to ease those tired muscles and allow you to unwind

Pool Lighting

A swimming pool you can only use during the day is fun, but you can make it even more functional by having pool lighting installed. Pool lighting keeps the pool and surrounding area well-lit on even the darkest nights. Basic pool lighting keeps your pool bright, but the options are endless with colored options and smart-home controls available too.

Pool Heating

Weather can be unpredictable but using your pool shouldn’t be. In-pool heating keeps your pool exactly at the most optimal temperature all year round, extending the usability and seasonal usage. There is a range of pool heating solutions available from electric to gas and even solar-powered options to help keep running costs down.

Customization with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools has a long history of delivering quality small and compact fiberglass swimming pools to clients throughout Australia. Our team is devoted to ensuring that every client gets the same high-quality fiberglass swimming pool shell and installation they expect from us, along with exceptional service.

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