Do I Need a Professional to Install a Fibreglass Pool?
Mar 6, 2023

efore committing to installing a swimming pool, ask yourself:

  •         Do I have the experience required?
  •         Do I have the equipment needed to complete the work?
  •         Can I handle the task on my own without making mistakes?
  •         Will handling it myself really save me money?
  •         Do I have the time?
  •         Is it better to call an expert?

Pool installation requirements

Installing a pool requires more than you think. Not only must it be installed correctly in the ground, but it must also be plumbed safely and properly drained in order to prevent future structural damage.
These steps, for example, are critical in ensuring a safe and proper installation:

  •   Free-draining bedding material must be laid under the floor of the pool shell
  •   Fully compliant and efficient plumbing must be installed
  •   Cement-stabilised backfill (to minimum specifications) must be compacted and filled in around the steps and walls of the swimming pool
  •   There must be sub-soil drainage
  •   A bond beam must be installed to ensure the pool does not lift up

Even if these requirements don’t sound daunting, there are many other elements of an installation that may convince you that hiring a professional is the right decision.

How a professional can simplify the process

A professional handles more than just the physical installation, although that is an important element. A professional also manages every aspect of the build from beginning to end, including:

The permits

Installing a pool will require specific building permits and permissions. While you may be able to handle this aspect yourself, researching precisely what you need and writing applications is a tiresome process. A professional knows exactly what is legally required for every build and handles the permit process for you.

The building codes

Following building codes is very important. Refusing to follow them could lead to large fines and may even force you to abandon your plans altogether. A professional is required to stay up-to-date on the latest building codes and will ensure your swimming pool is staying on the right side of regulations.


A professional installer will inspect every aspect of the process to ensure each step is being handled correctly, and will not move to the next step until they are sure everything is perfect. They’ll also inspect the final product before the handover.


Because fibreglass swimming pools come pre-fabricated, they will arrive at your house intact on a flatbed truck and will have to be moved, typically by crane, into position. A builder will work with the delivery team to ensure the excavated area is ready to receive the pool, and that it is placed correctly using the heavy equipment necessary to make that happen.

Managing time and people

A professional will be able to manage the timing of every aspect of the installation, from prepping the area to laying the pool, to working with landscapers that help handle the surrounding finishing touches.

Handling the details

It’s not just a swimming pool that’s going in the ground. There will be pumps and filtration systems that will have to be installed and tested, as well as other elements, such as lighting and accessories that need to be installed or put into place. A builder will handle all the various details that will transform your pool area into something special.

Be aware that it is important to install your pool in compliance with all engineering requirements to the outlined municipal standards. If you don’t, you may find your warranty is void, as it only covers structural defects and not damage caused by a faulty installation. What’s more, your insurance company may not want to cover damages covered by a faulty DIY job.

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