Extending Your Swimming Season: A Guide to Pool Heating
Mar 3, 2023

We all know how great it is to spend time with family and friends lazing about in a pool on a hot day. A quality swimming pool is truly a wonderful place to make the most of warm weather, for so many reasons. With a pool in your backyard, you can avoid having to seek out air-conditioning at uncomfortably packed shopping centres; you can cool off easily without leaving the privacy of your property, and you can make many fun memories with loved ones during summertime swims. Of course, the reality of swimming pools is that the seasons often dictate how much use we get out of them.

In comparison to other places around the world, Australia’s warmer months do seem to hang around a bit longer. When the cold does eventually set in though, many pool owners give up on swimming, meaning they’ll end up waiting until the return of the hotter months to take advantage of their pool.

When you’re considering purchasing a swimming pool, you’ll no doubt be thinking of whether it’s worthwhile for your lifestyle. A big consideration you may have is what can be done to maximise your swimming pool use. The good news is there are heating options and accessories available to you which can extend your swim season well into March and April.

Thermal Properties of Fibreglass

Narellan Pools has dedicated time and research into developing fibreglass swimming pool shells that suit various weather conditions, and this is a key feature of our pools that we’re incredibly proud of. If you’re wanting your pool to stay warmer for longer, selecting a high-quality fibreglass swimming pool from Narellan Pools is a great choice to make.

The fibreglass used in the development of our swimming pool shells is not only an incredibly durable material, but it also has the ability to hold and retain heat due to its thermal properties – another feature we’re really proud of! These thermal properties help you step into your pool with ease, as the pool shell will have absorbed warmth from the sun, making the water a comfortable temperature. With a Narellan fibreglass swimming pool, you’ll be able to take advantage of your pool even after summer ends.

Pool Heating Options

If you’re keen on having a warm pool to swim in at a time that suits you, you might want to consider installing a pool heating system. There are a variety of heating options that can be used to keep your swimming pool lovely and warm even in the cooler months. Here, we’ll take a look at three systems that can be used to heat your beautiful new pool:

  • Solar Heating

Solar Heating is a great heating option for locations that get a lot of suns but keep in mind that you’ll need to make the initial investment of having the necessary equipment installed on your roof. Solar pool heating is definitely more considerate of the environment than other heating options and is a great solution for many Australian homes.

  • Gas Heating

Gas Heating tends to be more expensive to run than other pool heating options, but it does deliver more instant warmth – great if you just want to get in the pool, already! With gas pool heating, you’ll be able to use natural gas or LPG as the source.

  • Electric Heat Pumps

Electric Heating systems can offer you an energy-efficient heating method for your pool. Electric heat pumps typically don’t heat the water quickly, but they are designed to keep the water in your pool at a stable temperature.

With Narellan Pools, you can select from either of the three options mentioned above, and these heating methods can be used separately or together to deliver the right pool heating solution for your space, needs, and budget.

Pool Accessories/Equipment to Keep Your Pool Warm

Perhaps you’ve heard of a pool blanket? A fitted pool blanket is a soft cover that lies across a pool’s surface and is designed to help reduce a pool’s water loss and evaporation.

By installing a high-quality pool blanket, you’ll be able to retain heat in your pool and stop debris from entering your pool. You will also be able to easily operate it either by a manual roller or by an automated roller cover.

Solar pool blankets offer you many benefits, including raising the temperature of your pool water by around 6 degrees. This means you’ll be able to swim comfortably in your pool later in the day when the outside temperature drops, and when the months get colder.

If a solar pool blanket is something you’d consider, your local Narellan pool builder can help you organise the installation of a fitted blanket (from our recommended partners at Daisy Pool Covers) that will help reduce your pool’s evaporation and water loss by 97%. This is a significant reduction, and especially beneficial for pool owners living in areas with water restrictions, as topping up pools can sometimes be an issue with water restrictions in place.

An alternative to a pool blanket is a solid pool cover. Narellan Pools offers the Narellan Pools Hardcover, which features rigid buoyant slats that are so strong, that the cover can support the weight of an adult.

Just like a pool blanket, the Narellan Pools Hardcover will keep your pool warm by preventing loss of heat through the pool’s surface and will help keep debris like leaves out – less time spent cleaning out the pool means more time swimming in the pool!

While this option is more expensive than a typical pool blanket, it does offer enhanced safety features, and it looks brilliant. The Narellan Pools Hardcover is operated by a key that prompts the motor drive to quietly glide the cover of the pool. The roller for the Narellan Pools Hardcover is also hidden from view. Available in a choice of four classic colours, the Narellan Pools Hardcover can be installed on several pool shapes and sizes within the Narellan Pools range.

Make Summer Last

When investing in a swimming pool, you want to be sure that it will suit your lifestyle, and you don’t want your pool to be unused for six months a year.

By considering heating in the planning stage, you’ll end up with a swimming pool that allows you to keep swimming well after summer ends and for much of the year.

A Narellan pool is a great place to start, with its high-quality fibreglass incorporating thermal properties.

From the moment you choose a pool, you’ll be able to decide on whether to install solar, gas, or electric heating. Your local Narellan pool builder can help you determine which of these systems would be best for your situation, but whatever option/s you go with, you’ll be rewarded with the pure bliss of a warm, inviting pool.

You may choose to invest in a pool blanket or cover, which will provide you with many useful benefits, including that all-important reduction in water evaporation.

If heating your new pool is important to you, you’ll be pleased to know you can plan and organise the installation of your new fibreglass pool as well as its heating, by reaching out to just one key contact – your local Narellan Pools pool builder.

It’s important to note that any kind of pool blanket or cover installed, should be taken off your pool on a weekly basis at the very least. By doing this, you’ll be letting your pool breathe and, if your pool is chlorinated, you’ll be protecting it and the pool equipment from chlorine levels that may possibly rise above the manufacturers’ specifications.

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