Fibreglass Pool Installation — Your Questions Answered
Mar 3, 2023

Designing Your Pool

The process all begins with the design. Starting with a free consultation, your local Narellan pool builder will work with you closely to select a pool shape and size to best fit your property and requirements. They will then talk you through all the additional design steps such as colors, finishes, and optional extras before quoting you the final price and booking installation.

Construction Begins

The first stage in any swimming pool construction is to prepare the site for the pool shell to arrive. Our expert pool building team will arrive at your property and begin by excavating the ground ready for the pool shell to be delivered. They will also begin any plumbing and electrical work as required.

Shell Installation

Once the site has been prepared it’s time for your new fibreglass swimming pool to be delivered and installed. The shell will arrive pre-built, and the Narellan Pools installation team will offload it and place it into a position ready for the finishing touches.

Finishing Touches

The final step of the installation process is to install the support structure that will lock your pool into place. Any additional poolscape work will also be completed at this time before the final quality checks and handover are completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Backyard is Small/Medium/Large. What are my pool options?

Narellan Pools have a wide range of fibreglass swimming pool shells available to suit any sized backyard. Our pool range includes everything from full-sized pools designed to handle the largest properties, to small and compact plunge pools for when space is at a premium.

Can I Install the Pool Myself?

Our high-quality fibreglass pool shells are designed to be installed and set up only by our qualified pool installers. This is to ensure the installation is done safely and you get the best possible experience from your swimming pool.

My Backyard Access Is Restricted; Will That Present a Problem?

The Narellan Pools installations teams are highly skilled and experienced at installing our swimming pools in properties of all shapes and sizes and with limited access. Our local pool builders have used a number of methods to get pools into difficult-to-access yards, including cranes! If your backyard has severely restricted access, keep in mind that it may prolong the installation process.

Do I Need to Prepare Anything (e.g. plumbing, filtration, electrical)?

Your local Narellan pool builder will do all the work from preparing and excavating the site to connecting any electrical, plumbing, or filtration systems to your existing infrastructure. The only thing you need to worry about is picking out your new swimming costume for when the installation is complete.

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