Get ready – Summer is just 100 days away!
Mar 3, 2023

A summer at home doesn’t need to be boring or inconvenient, though. There are plenty of ways you can increase the use and appeal of your home, and one of the best places to start is your backyard.

Often left untouched throughout winter, backyards can quickly become unkempt and untidy. The grass is mowed less, the gardening tools collect dust in the shed, and wet weather creates muddy messes in our outdoor entertaining areas.

Once the weather starts warming up again – and let’s face it, that’s not too far away – you’ll want to get outside more, so an untidy yard will be a bit of an obstacle!

If looking at your backyard now doesn’t inspire feelings of happiness or contentment, there’s no need to stress. Below, we share some tips on how to upgrade your backyard, so that it can become the perfect destination to rest and recharge.

Spring cleaning the shed

Take advantage of the weather right now and get stuck into a good cleanup of your backyard. It’s always handy to have a list of jobs you want to tackle and to allocate days and times to get the work done.

Every backyard is different, but the following areas are definitely places you’ll want to focus on when it comes to tidying up: the shed/s, alfresco/outdoor entertaining area, and garden areas with a lot of foliage.

Like an in-house spring clean, a backyard cleanup can take a bit of time, but once completed, you’ll feel refreshed and you’ll want to have guests over to enjoy the space!

When cleaning up the shed, do a stocktake of the items you have there, and see what needs to be thrown out due to poor condition or lack of use. By doing this, you’ll also be able to determine what items you actually need. Consider what plans you have for gardening and make a note of any tools you need to purchase to complete your planned jobs.

Placement of items in the shed is also important. There’s no point putting your potting mix at the back of the shed behind the lawn mower and other large items if you’re going to use it more regularly. Make life easier for yourself by placing items where you can access them as you need them.

Tidying backyard spaces

Your outdoor entertaining area could be a little dirty due to winter, so cleaning your table and chairs will likely be necessary. Use the right cleaning products for the material of your entertaining sets. Be mindful that there could be creepy crawlies underneath the table and chairs, so ensure an outdoor pest spray is used and any cobwebs are removed. You can also organize for a pest control business to come to your property to fumigate whatever areas are required. Always check for insects prior to using your table and chairs!

When cleaning out garden areas, jobs to focus on include removing weeds, removing fallen twigs and leaves, tidying up hedges, and pruning any overgrown plants. While these are ongoing jobs, they do make a massive difference to how your yard looks!

Planting for summer

If you’ve never attempted any sort of gardening, there’s no time like the present to learn how to be a green thumb!

By planting particular flowers, veggies, and herbs now, you’ll end up with a veritable market in your backyard come summertime.

As we head into spring, there are some great choices you can plant to introduce a pop of floral color into your backyard. Think sunflowers, geraniums, and petunias for a splash of brightness.

Veggie and herb gardens are wonderful additions to backyards. Having fresh food growing at your place will make preparing meals a breeze. Not only that, but when you have guests over for outdoor dinner parties, they’ll be able to see your gardening efforts on full display! These gardens are also a great way to get the kids involved, as they will learn new skills and will love seeing their hard work pay off!

You can often find everything you need for a veggie or herb garden at a hardware or gardening supplies store.

By making these changes to your yard now, you’ll reap the rewards in warmer weather.

Late winter and early spring present a great time to tackle the backyard jobs you’ve been putting off. Take advantage of the cooler weather to get your hands dirty, and the result will be maximum enjoyment of the space in summer.

Holiday at home

Updating your backyard doesn’t have to be time-intensive or complicated. In fact, one of the best ways to enhance the appeal and functionality of your yard doesn’t require you to do any manual labor at all.

A beautiful, high-quality fibreglass swimming pool from Narellan Pools will certainly take your backyard to the next level. A multi-purpose addition to your property, a Narellan pool will cater to your lifestyle, vision, backyard, and budget.

With summer drawing ever closer, you’ll likely be thinking about ways you and your family can spend time together, have fun, and beat the heat. While an overseas trip is not an option right now, holidaying is still possible, and you can have a wonderful summer staycation with your very own Narellan pool.

A dedicated space at your property for relaxing, exercising and making memories with loved ones, your Narellan pool will allow you to re-connect with those important to you and have that well-earned break. The joy is ongoing, as well. Summer after summer, season after season, your Narellan pool will be there to enjoy.

When it comes to designing the pool of your dreams, you’ll be thrilled at how many choices you have with Narellan Pools.

Our huge range of designs is sure to impress, with pool shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of backyards. If your backyard is on the smaller side, talk to us about having a compact pool constructed at your place.

Sloping yard? Your local Narellan Pools Builder can give you more information about our free-standing above-ground pools, which can offer a great solution.

Once you’ve settled on your pool shape, the next step is selecting a color from our fantastic range. Our Marble glass range incorporates unique technology that blends solid colors together to deliver vibrant tones that are not only more color fast, but also less susceptible to UV degradation. The Marbleglass range allows you to choose from beautiful blues and greens, sandy and rocky tones, as well as monochromatic shades.

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