How to add a personal touch to your pool area
Feb 21, 2023

Just like any other part of your home, your pool and outdoor entertaining space is a reflection of your personal taste and style. Considerable time goes into planning the pool of your dreams – often even before you engage a pool builder, so how your whole pool area comes together will undoubtedly be important to you.

When you begin the process with your pool builder, make sure to mention to them any must-haves for your pool vision. Get their guidance on pool design, colour and even nearby landscaping, so you can create the pool space that best aligns with your vision.

Of course, you don’t have to stop there. Your style can be further showcased in how you decorate the pool area.

Whether you opt for a minimalist mix of furniture and soft furnishings, or you go even further with delightful poolside plants and pool accessories, there are many ways you can add your own touch to your pool area. So, if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, read on!


One superb way to add even more functionality to your pool space is by introducing furniture. This could be as simple as having a couple of deck chairs poolside, or as grand as a table and chairs for 12 people in your outdoor entertaining space. Pick a theme for your furniture and use that theme as the basis for any other decorative additions you make to the pool space. Popular poolside themes include the Hampton’s look, the coastal style, or a classic French Provincial look. When choosing a theme, consider what will blend well with the exterior of your property, and what will feel most welcoming to you. Adirondack chairs, for instance, will suit a Hampton’s theme perfectly!

Soft Furnishings

Outdoor rugs, throw rugs and cushions can be relatively inexpensive ways to bring your style to your pool space. Stick to the theme you’ve decided on and prioritise comfort when purchasing any soft furnishings. As much as sequined cushions are a little fun, they really aren’t the best option for the outdoors! You can find soft furnishings in weather-resistant materials, so you know they’ll withstand being outside. Try to match the colours of your furnishings to your chosen theme; if you’re going for a Hampton’s look, you might opt for a straw rug and a pale blue table runner for your outdoor table, and some navy and white cushions for your deckchairs.


When planning the perfect pool area, think green! Plants are a simple way to bring your touch to the pool space, as you can select foliage and flowers that you love. Potted plants look fantastic in the poolside area: small ferns and palms are classic choices for Australian backyards, as are succulents. For some delightful colour, you might want to opt for some birds of paradise or cordylines. Avoid plants that shed their leaves regularly, as they’ll end up becoming debris in your pool.

Pool Accessories

Another effective way to really make your pool space your own is by adding pool accessories. You might want to consider pool lights – you can always have them installed in your pool, or you can add a string of festoon lights nearby to your pool area once it’s completed. These lights look fantastic draped along raised garden beds. Aside from pool lights, you could add some awesome pool floats. Did you know you can get inflatable poolside movie screens? If you’re looking for a seriously grand poolside accessory to elevate the space, consider a cabana: this can be built when your pool is built.

However you go about personalising your pool space, you’re bound to reap the rewards. A functional and engaging poolside space and backyard ensures you’ll spend more time enjoying those areas.

Additionally, adding your own sense of style to those spaces means they’ll always feel like home. So, when you’re planning the pool of your dreams, make sure to note how you will bring in your influence to top off your new backyard addition! You can see how Narellan Pools clients added their own personal touch to their pool areas by checking out our Gallery. It’s a great source of ideas!

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