How To Get Your Pool Installed By Christmas
Mar 7, 2023

Have your own pool installed and the whole family can relax and cool down all summer long without ever having to leave the confines of your garden.

Constructing a pool isn’t something that happens overnight though, and if you wait until summer has arrived, you’ll likely miss out on the benefits for a large chunk of it.

Depending on the type of pool you’re looking for, local rules and regulations, landscaping needs, and the availability of contractors, construction times can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months.

Starting the planning process of your own pool should be done as early as possible to take full advantage of those sweltering hot months, and avoid disappointment — especially if you plan to make other garden modifications at the same time.

Factors That Affect Pool Installation Times

A number of different factors will go into determining the exact amount of time it will take to have your pool ready to use; that’s why it’s best to get started as early as possible. Even if you only have a rough idea of what you are looking for, it’s best to get in touch as soon as possible, so you can see what factors will be relevant to you.

The primary factors that will affect your pool installation time are; the type of pool — fibreglass pools generally come prebuilt and are faster to install than concrete designs; approval — you will require approval from your local authority or council before construction can commence; additional work — any additional landscaping or changes may require other companies or contractors with differing availability; peak times — attempting construction during peak times could lead to delays in booking construction.

Installation Timeline

Design and Approval — 2-9 weeks

As with any significant change or modification to your property, a pool installation will have to be approved by your council or local authority before any construction can begin.

Before you can make an application for planning permission, however, you need to have the design and plans drawn up. The planning stage will be faster or slower depending on the type of pool and the amount of other landscaping you’re planning. It’s best to account for at least a few weeks for the initial planning stage.

After you have a design plan that you are happy with, it will need to be submitted to your council or local authority for approval before the actual construction can begin. This part can take up to six weeks, but could be longer during especially busy periods, or if the planning authority requires further information.

Construction — 5-10 days (1 – 8 weeks booking time)

Once you have designed your pool to be the perfect relaxation area for you and your family, and the design has been approved, construction can begin. Fibreglass pools are significantly faster to construct and install than their concrete counterparts.

Fibreglass pool shells arrive onsite and are carefully placed in position, either in-ground or above ground, with all plumbing and equipment installed and tested. This means they are both fast and easy to install compared to a concrete pool which requires construction piece by piece, and the laying and setting of the concrete.

Construction time can take as little as a week in some cases; however, you should consider that it could take a number of weeks to book a slot during peak times.

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