How to Shop for Outdoor Swimming Pool Furniture
Mar 7, 2023

How will the furniture be used?

Alfresco dining, weekend lounging, or large get-togethers with family and friends? Modular furniture provides the option to reconfigure seating to suit each occasion.

Are frames and fittings made for outdoor conditions? 

The best outdoor furniture is completely constructed using marine-grade materials, which can withstand temperature fluctuations, salt water, wind, and rain and offer superior corrosion resistance. Waterproof cushion covers, vents in seating, and meshed storage areas also help to release water from rain and poolside splashes to prevent mildew.

Will the fabric last? 

Ensure the upholstery is treated for protection against damage from UV light, water, oil, and stains. This will keep the furniture looking its best after frequent use and exposure to the elements.

Is maintenance easy? 

Will the setting need to be oiled, painted, or washed regularly? Materials that are coloured all the way through, rather than coated on the surface, will look newer for longer with minimal maintenance. In a choice of colours, KingWeave® adds a rattan or wicker look to King Outdoor designs, with a smooth finish that’s also easy to maintain.

What extra features are available? 

The King Outdoor range includes several design options and accessories, including in-built storage for cushions and towels, optional side tables, and a generous umbrella for shade.

Advances in outdoor materials and fabrics mean there is no need to sacrifice style and comfort for durability. A new setting should look good and feel luxurious, transforming your pool area into a favourite place to live and lounge.

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