How You Can Help Keep Your Pool Area Safe
Feb 20, 2023

A brand-new swimming pool is an inviting and exciting place, and no doubt, everyone in your family will be keen to make the most of your new backyard addition!

As a pool owner, you do have certain responsibilities though, and one of them is ensuring you keep your pool area as safe as possible, to prevent accidents.

A safe pool area is especially important if you have young children or pets, as they can be unaware of the risks posed by a swimming pool.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best ways to secure your pool space to prevent accidents.

Proper Fencing

Adequate, secure fencing is a necessity when it comes to pool areas. Your swimming pool won’t be compliant if you do not have the right kind of secure fencing, and it won’t be safe. There are many beautiful fencing options available today, but do your research to make sure you are not having unsafe fencing or fencing that won’t pass inspections installed. There are strict state-based rules and regulations around pool fencing, so refer to those when choosing your pool fence. After your pool fence is installed, you’ll need to regularly check the gate, to make sure it closes and locks properly, and check to see if there’s any loose screws or anything requiring repairs.

Pool Covers/Blankets

While you may invest in a pool cover or blanket for reasons like heat retention and preventing debris falling into your pool, these handy devices can offer you further benefits. Depending on their material, pool blankets/covers can add another layer of safety to your pool area. The Narellan Pools Hardcover, for instance, features rigid, buoyant slats that are so solid they can support the weight of an adult. This means the Hardcover is perfect if you have young children or pets!

Security Camera

One device you should consider for your pool area is a video camera providing surveillance coverage of your entire backyard space. You can find security camera devices that connect to apps on your smartphone, so you can see what’s happening in your yard and get notifications about activity there, when you’re not at home. Keep an eye on pets and children with one of these useful devices, to make sure they don’t stray too close to the pool area.

Lock Away Pool Toys

Pool toys and pool inflatables can present a tripping hazard if they are left outside in your backyard. After every swim session, make sure you put all pool toys and inflatables in a shed or garage that can be locked. Young children can find a swimming pool especially tempting if there are toys available for them to play with, so locking your pool toys away when not in use can also help to prevent curious little ones from trying to get into the pool area.

We can’t always be at home, so it’s reassuring to know that there are steps you can take to keep your family safe around your pool when you can’t be there with them. As highlighted above, there are several ways you can enhance the safety of your pool space, and consequently, prevent accidents.

Always be on the lookout for hazards around your swimming pool, and ensure you regularly check your pool security devices to make sure they’re operating as they should be.

Your vigilance is of course, key to protecting your family, so make sure you continually monitor the safety of your pool area to ensure it remains a place for fun and joy.

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