How You Can Love Your Pool in Winter
Feb 21, 2023

When you think of using a swimming pool, you probably picture a cool dip on a hot afternoon. You probably don’t picture using a pool on a cold day. One thought that can hold people back from purchasing a swimming pool is that they may not use the pool much in winter. A swimming pool is a big investment for many, so naturally, anyone considering adding one to their backyard will want to feel sure that they’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of it year-round.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can use your swimming pool when the temperatures drop, so if you’re contemplating buying a pool, you can be confident you’ll be embracing those colder days rather than dreading them.

Games and Activities

Playing games in and around your swimming pool is one of the simplest ways to enjoy your backyard addition, no matter the weather.

While the classic pool games of Marco Polo and chicken fight are always an option, there are other games and activities better suited to chillier days when you’d prefer to be poolside rather than in the water.

  • Boat races – small, motorised boats are easy to find and easy to operate, so the whole family can have fun racing boats along the pool water. You don’t even have to have motorised ones – as a family, you could help each other make little boats with materials like wood or plastic.
  • Pool fishing – a set will usually have plastic or rubber ducks with hooks or magnets on them so they can float on the surface of your pool. You then try to pick up or ‘fish’ out the floating items from the pool as quickly as you can, with your ‘fishing rod’. This is a great poolside game for children!
  • Backyard camping – set your tent up with a direct view of the pool and spend a night as a family under the stars. Drink some hot chocolate, play some card games, and wake up to the sunlight dancing across the pool water!

Pool Heating

A sure-fire way to get you using your pool in winter is to make sure it’s heated. Whether you opt for solar, gas or electric heating, pool heaters extend your swim season, meaning you can be swimming well into the cooler months of the year. You can also start your swim season much earlier than those who don’t have pool heating!

A winter pool party will be made all the more comfortable by pool heating. If you have a fire pit, you and your guests can switch from warming up in the pool to warming up by the fire, when you’re all done swimming in the late afternoon.

If you have pool lights, turn them on so you and your pool party guests can enjoy the beautiful view as you sit by the fire. If your guests are staying for dinner, opt for a backyard meal so you can all enjoy the spectacle of your glowing pool under the night sky.

Now that you’ve learnt just some of the ways you can love your pool in winter, it’s time to go from dreaming about your perfect pool, to planning it.

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