Increase Your Fitness With a Lap Pool
Feb 21, 2023

Having a lap swimming pool in your backyard is as good an excuse as any to go for a swim. Lap pools are perfect for all ages and skill levels. They encourage strong swimmers to become even better and the non-swimmers to learn how to swim. They come in various sizes, but are generally rectangular. If you’re teaching your kids to swim, you can use a lap pool to help them build their water confidence.

What are some benefits of water-based exercise? 

Water-based exercise is one of the best forms of exercise that you can do for your body. Certain types of swimming, like breaststroke and backstroke, engage all of your major muscle groups simultaneously. Water also offers natural resistance, meaning your body will have to work harder than it would on-land. 

Water is also a fantastic workout space for anyone with muscular problems. People with conditions such as Parkinson’s or cerebral palsy often undergo water rehabilitation therapy, which reduces the risk of injury, and offers little to no pain. After all, moving through the water is completely gentle on the body. 

Water-based exercise also helps improve your cardiovascular health. Because water also works each muscle group in your body, swimming is widely viewed as being one of the best total-body exercises you can do. 

How can I exercise in a lap pool? 

One of the main reasons to install an inground pool such as a lap swimming pool in your backyard is to give yourself the space to exercise from the comfort of your own home. Even if you’re not a competitive swimmer, lap pools can help you maintain muscular and cardiovascular health. There are several different exercises one can do in a lap pool. 

Breaststroke – one of the best things that a swimmer can do in a lap pool is breaststroke. The usual rule of thumb with the breaststroke is one arm extension for every three leg kicks. One can do breaststrokes relatively easily in a lap pool as it is straight and one only needs to turn around when reaching the other end of the pool.

Aqua Running – this exercise is best for those with small inground pools, as you can get tired fairly quickly. This exercise focuses mainly on your leg muscles, as you quite literally run through water. Try running for five minutes, then repeat three times before resting. You can set yourself chalk marks to aim for along the pool with your running.

Backstroke – similar to breaststroke, this exercise engages all of your major muscle groups, with a focus on your back and shoulders. Once again, you should set yourself goals for this exercise if you are new to swimming. See how far you can go, then try to increase the distance over time. Backstrokes are great to do in lap pools, as with breaststrokes, it’s easy for the swimmer to turn and do the backstroke again in the opposite direction. 

How can we help? 

At Narellan Pools, our range includes the outstanding Panama Lap Pool. We have decades of experience with building and installing the Panama, which comes in a choice of three sizes. You can easily customise your Panama Lap Pool as well, with your choice of colour, and add-ons such as lighting and heating. 

Perhaps you’ve decided that you’d like to give your kids a small lap pool to help their swimming practice, or perhaps a bigger lap pool just for yourself. Even if you’re looking to entertain guests in your lap pool, or host small swimming practices for you and your teammates, we can help you realise the lap pool of your dreams.

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