MagnaPool® System – everything you need to know
Mar 3, 2023

These three systems are the main contenders available and offer various different features. Chlorine-based chemical dosing systems have long been used in home swimming pools. While effective at cleaning the pool, chlorine systems can leave skin and hair feeling dry and eyes feeling a bit stingy, due to the chemicals. Not everyone is a fan of that chlorine smell, either!

In terms of salt-water and mineral water pools, they are kinder to skin and hair than a chemical-dosed system, but these two systems also differ in the way they work.

How do Salt-water and Mineral Water Swimming Pools work?

The key element to salt-water and mineral water pools is that fewer chemicals are involved.

These swimming pools sanitize by using a system of electrolysis to keep the water free of bacteria and pathogens. A salt-water pool, much like other systems, has its water cycled through a sand filter, but with a mineral water pool, the water goes through a filter filled with glass media, achieving a much higher level of water clarity. Not only are both these systems recognized for their low maintenance requirements in comparison to chlorine dosing systems, but they both also offer an enhanced level of comfort when you’re swimming.

Setting the benchmark for bather comfort is the mineral pool. It usually swaps out most of the salt for a combination of salts and minerals, making the water softer and gentler on the skin, eyes, and hair. The pinnacle of mineral water pools is MagnaPool – the original and authentic mineral water pool system that is the world’s only salt-free mineral pool. It delivers supreme bather comfort and water clarity by removing all added sodium content from the pool. With the added sodium content gone, the result is comfortable swimming with no sticky residue on your skin or in your hair!

Benefits of a Mineral Water Pool

Maintenance tends to be very straightforward with a mineral water pool. In many ways, it’s easier to maintain a mineral water pool than it is a chemically dosed pool, as the minerals and additives help to minimize problems.

Most mineral pools include magnesium and this is because magnesium pools deliver some of the best water clarity you can get. Due to the way magnesium interacts with the water and filtering systems, it does a fantastic job filtering out tiny micro-particles that can cause pool water to appear slightly discolored or murky. Magnesium also helps prevent calcium build-up on pool components and surfaces, so you can avoid expensive repair and maintenance costs in the long term.

Aside from keeping water clean and clear, mineral water pools also provide numerous health benefits. Magnesium plays a crucial role in many of our bodily systems and is especially important for bones and tissue (skin). Something else to note: the body can absorb magnesium transdermally, i.e. through the skin.

Magnesium makes skin feel soft and silky, and this difference is especially noticeable when compared to other methods such as chem dosing or saltwater systems which are more drying to skin and hair. Not only does magnesium make your skin feel lovely, but it has also been shown to help with conditions such as eczema, acne, and sensitivity while restoring your skin’s natural elasticity.

You’ve probably heard how magnesium can benefit sore and tired muscles. If you have a magnesium bath before an intense workout, the relaxing soak will help to prevent muscle fatigue and tearing. Well, with magnesium being part of your mineral water pool, you’ll be able to get that benefit too!

The premier mineral pools system, MagnaPool, without that added sodium can allow the uptake of magnesium through the skin to be enhanced. The sensitivity to environmental factors is also boosted as the water can be used for irrigation purposes (i.e. you can use your backwash water for watering your garden), plus, there will be a reduced need for backwashing.

MagnaPool incorporates a unique blend of magnesium and potassium minerals to aid in supporting the body’s natural systems, reduce stress, and ease aches, plus you’ll find it will help to boost your energy and foster an all-around sense of wellbeing.

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