Making and capturing memories: Tips on taking the best pool photos
Mar 1, 2023

Preparing your Photography

Whether you’re using your smartphone or a full DSLR camera set-up, you’ll be able to capture special memories. Get your tech into position to take advantage of the best angles and lighting. If you’re using your phone, you might want to move your deck chair to different spots, so you can quickly take snaps in the best conditions. You might also want to use a drone for photos, so get that ready before the swim session. Bring to the pool area any items you’d like to include in your photos, such as pool toys, before your family and/or friends start swimming.

Preparing your Pool Area

Going hand in hand with getting your tech ready is getting your pool area ready. Make sure your pool space is tidy before you start taking photos; remove the pool cleaner after it cleans the pool, keep the pool cover rolled up, and remove any other objects that might impede your photos, such as old pool toys or a garden hose nearby. Also, ensure that your pool gate remains shut while taking photos.

Getting those Lifestyle Shots

Often, the best pictures are the ones that capture totally unplanned moments of joy. Try to get photos of smiling faces, moments of laughter, and poolside relaxation. If you’d like to get some awesome photos for your social media pages, consider creative and safe activities like fishing in the pool, enjoying a BBQ meal poolside, or get a family member to take a photo of you lounging on a pool inflatable in the water, drink in hand. You could even try standing poolside and getting a selfie with everyone in the pool behind you in the shot as well.

Photos of your Pool

If you’re looking to capture some outstanding photos of your newly installed Narellan pool, you can draw inspiration from many places, including Narellan Pools’ Gallery, our Facebook, and Instagram pages, and the social media accounts of guest houses with Narellan pools, for example, Mandala Beach House! You’ll see how the photos on these pages showcase the pool in different lighting conditions and from different angles. Try a variety of shots to capture the beauty and uniqueness of your pool. Drone photography is incredible for getting a view of the whole pool, but if you’re using your smartphone, get close-ups of the water, any water features installed, and the pavers where they meet the water. Capture the many angles of your pool shape, and keep in mind that you don’t have to have the whole pool in the photo for it to be a beautiful picture!

Share your Photos with Narellan Pools

Here at Narellan Pools, we love being able to share happy snaps from our clients on our social media pages. We are all about creating the best lifestyles with our pools, so we love seeing your photos that show how you’re making memories in yours. Whether it’s the whole family in the pool, a poolside dinner on date night, or a picnic by the pool, the Narellan Pools lifestyle is worth capturing in some stellar photos.

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