Must-have In-Built Features of Narellan Pools
Feb 21, 2023

Swimming pools are available in a smorgasbord of designs, so how do you narrow down your choice? A great way to find the right pool solution for your backyard is to base your decision around the features you are looking for in a pool. Of course, if you’ve never owned a pool before, you may be wondering which features will be the most useful for you and your family.

The Narellan Pools range of fibreglass swimming pools offers designs with an array of fantastic features, so you’ll feel right at home in whatever pool design you select. Even better, the features are built into the pool, meaning all the design work is done for you.

Let’s take a look at the various in-built features of pools in the Narellan Pools range so you can determine what you and your family will love most.

Splash Decks/Wading Areas

Splash decks are often seen as an attractive add-on to a pool, but Narellan Pools’ Nirvana has a beautiful splash deck already built into it. The Nirvana is particularly wonderful for children who are learning to be more confident in the water, as they can have fun on the splash deck where the water is shallower. The Nirvana’s splash deck is also popular with the big kids, as you can rest on it comfortably with a drink in hand – this makes it perfect for a get-together with friends!

Wading areas are similar to splash decks, in that they offer a shallower area to relax and are great for young kids getting used to swimming. Narellan Pools’ Rockpool has a large in-built wading area, adding to its charm as a pool that replicates a natural rock pool’s shape. If you love the look of swimming pools with curved designs, the Rockpool could be perfect for you!

Seating Ledges/ Bench Seats

Many pools within the Narellan Pools range offer in-built seating of some variety. The Princess and the Symphony, for instance, have seating ledges that runs along their length, so you can take a break from a long swim, and relax whenever it suits you.

Long bench seats like the one found in Narellan Pools’ Serene, are also perfect for relaxing on, so you can enjoy a rest in the pool while the kids are having their swimming races!

Wide Entry Steps

If a grand entrance sounds appealing to you, Narellan Pools’ Grandeur or Federation might tick the boxes, with their beautiful wide entry steps allowing you to effortlessly make your way into them. Simply walk in, swim to your heart’s content, then walk out! Wide entry steps are a graceful feature and are particularly useful if you’re after a pool that requires very little effort to enter and exit.

You don’t have to use the wide entry steps solely for getting in and out of the pool, either. Why not take a seat on them so you can rest your cool drink on the pavers, and enjoy the sensation of the water?

Child-Safety Ledge

While the features mentioned above are specific to key pools within the Narellan Pools range, you’ll be pleased to know every Narellan Pool features our child-safety ledge along their perimeter. This incredible built-in feature allows little ones to enter and exit the pool from any side easily and safely. They simply grip the child-safety ledge and make their way around the pool to wherever they feel comfortable moving into and out of the water.

With a plentiful array of in-built features, Narellan Pools really has a pool for every property. Once you’ve found the pool shape that provides you the features you want, you can then choose from the sizes available for that design, so you’ll have a pool that complements your yard perfectly.

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