Nirvana — Introducing Narellan Pools’ Compact Pool Design
Mar 6, 2023

Swimming pools are a great way to relax and have fun. Whether unwinding after a long day at work, relaxing on the weekend, or hosting a party on a hot summer day, nothing quite beats the pleasure of taking a dip. That’s why having your own pool right in your backyard is a great idea. But traditional swimming pools take up a lot of space; to take advantage of all the wonderful benefits, you normally need a large property with plenty of yard space. That’s especially a problem with the growing trend for properties to have smaller backyards. Introducing Nirvana.

Narellan Pools Nirvana Range is the same great quality fibreglass pools we built our reputation on. Designed for luxury and relaxation, the Nirvana is ideal for smaller, compact properties and gardens. They come in the same great range of options and finishes, are available in both mineral and saltwater, and have been specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your backyard regardless of size. The perfect way to bring some peace, tranquillity, and fun to your backyard.

The Nirvana range comes in three different sizes, perfect for relaxing in any size backyard. Depending on your real estate, Nirvana pools come in 5, 6, or 7 meters. All three models have a width of 2.7m, a depth of 1.45m, and come with an integrated child safety ledge making it the perfect size and design for your own personal pool, whether its purpose is for relaxing or teaching the kids how to swim.

Additionally, the Nirvana range comes with a high-quality splash deck that completes the design and offers a space to safely relax. The splash deck is sized as 1.4m x 2.6m and comes with dual steps to allow easy access to and from the water.

The Nirvana range is available in a variety of finishes — Marbleglass™, Crystal Granite, and Pastel Range, each presented in a selection of colours — to give you the look and feel you desire to create your relaxation space.

All sizes and finishes are available in either mineral water versions to give you the luxurious spa feel, or salt-water versions better suited to traditional swimming pool usage.

The Nirvana range is the perfect solution to convert your backyard into the ideal tranquil relaxation space. But it’s not only for small yards. Nirvana is also perfect for medium and larger yards, while still leaving you space for a grassed area or garden.

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