Pest Control Tips For Your Pool This Summer
Mar 7, 2023

Correct chemical treatments

If you’ve had a swimming pool for any amount of time, you already know how important it is to administer regular chemical treatments to the water. A frequently treated pool will be less likely to attract insects. Mosquitoes are also unable to lay eggs in freshly-treated water. Finally, chemical treatments prevent algae, which attract insects from blooming.

Remove water sources

Other than your pool, there could be other water sources lurking on your property attracting mosquitoes and other insects, which are drawn to any stagnant moisture. Inspect the house for buckets of water, leaking taps, and any accumulated water that might have been left behind by rain and leakages. Remove them immediately as they can encourage mosquito breeding.

Minimise pool lighting

Lights left on at night often attract huge swarms of insects that buzz around them in a frenzy. Turn off the pool lights when your pool is not in use, particularly at night. Replace your UV bulbs with LED bulbs as they are less attractive to insects.

Landscaping maintenance

Any leaves, branches, and trees surrounding or hanging over your pool need to be taken care of as soon as possible. While greenery can lend a charming resort feel to your pool, it also attracts insects and needs to be maintained regularly to not become a nuisance.

Regular pool skimming

If an unappetising film of dead insects coats your pool’s surface, making anyone think twice about having a swim in there, it’s a good idea to skim the pool regularly. Dead insects tend to attract even more insects, so skimming your pool can drastically reduce the insect population in or near the water.

Regular pool brushing

Algae blooms are very attractive to insects, so conduct regular pool brushing sessions in order to discourage algae from blooming, which then reduces the number of insects that decide to hang out in your pool. After a pool brushing session, all debris left behind will have to be vacuumed.

Insect Zappers

While a little fearsome-looking, insect zappers offer an effective way to kill insects before they can invade your pool. These devices are designed to attract insects and then kill them swiftly. Clean your insect zappers regularly to keep them pleasant. Remember to keep them away from water!

Remove food sources

Anywhere there’s food, you’re sure to find insects. You’ll need to make sure your home is free from food particles not just inside the house, but outdoors as well. Any fallen fruit, leftover pet food, or food scraps left behind from barbecues should be promptly removed. Look out for areas that can shelter insects, such as garden waste, construction materials, and junk.

If you want to enjoy lazy days by the swimming pool without being harassed by creepy crawlies, you’ll have to be meticulous about keeping your yard and pool clean and well-maintained. An insect-free pool provides the perfect location for a great summer.

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