Pool Accessories for Every Pool
Feb 21, 2023

Pool accessories come in a wide variety of different types, prices, and features. Some accessories are designed to make your life easier (e.g. cleaning systems), whereas others add additional functionality and usability to your swimming pool, giving you the best enjoyment out of your purchase. Not every swimming pool matches every accessory though, and some of the following options for accessorising your pool may not be necessary given how you want to use your pool. Read on to find out which pool accessories might be right for you and your swimming pool.

Automated Cleaning

All swimming pools require work and effort to keep clean, and at times it can seem like an endless task. The unfortunate nature of backyard swimming pools is that they are exposed to the elements, attracting debris and grime from trees and the environment surrounding them, which in turn builds up in your pool, meaning regular cleaning is required. Automated pool cleaners help to reduce the workload required to keep your pool clean and ready to use at all times by using a preprogrammed schedule and powerful 360º cleaning jets to blast the dirt and grime away.

Ideal for all pools

Pool Skimmers and Cleaners

If your pool is surrounded by plants and trees in either your backyard or your neighbour’s, then you will know the problems of leaves, seeds, and other garden debris that can make it into your pool. Pool skimmers and cleaners make it easy and fast to remove this floating debris before it can decay and contaminate the water. Robotic options are also available to automate the task for those with busy lives.

Ideal for all pools

Pool Blankets

Pool blankets are a great way to not only keep your swimming pool clean and free from plants, leaves, seeds, and other garden debris when not in use, but they are also a great way to retain even more heat in your fibreglass pool. The pool blanket covers the pool’s surface acting as a protective barrier against garden waste and the blanket also prevents water evaporation.

Ideal for all pools

Pool Heaters

A pool, like any large body of water, is highly responsive to the environment and temperature surrounding it. On cool summer evenings or cold winter nights, your pool can become uncomfortably cold without some form of external heating. Pool heaters are a great way to make sure you can make full use of your swimming pool, well beyond peak swimming season. How great does an extended swim season sound?

Ideal for all pools

Pool Lighting

From taking a dip after work or when the kids have gone to bed, to entertaining and hosting parties late into the night, sometimes we want to use our swimming pools after the sun has set. Pool lighting makes your pool well-lit whatever the time of day you jump in. Advanced systems also offer colour changing lighting – a fun addition to any garden party or event.

Ideal for all pools

Water Features

Water features are the ideal way to turn your swimming pool into not only a place to relax and exercise but also a central garden feature. The tranquil sound and visuals of a water feature are great for adding even more relaxing qualities to larger sized swimming pools.

Ideal for large pools, lap pools and plunge pools

Spa Jets

Sometimes it’s nice to get in the water after a long day to relax your sore and tired muscles. Spa jets enhance this experience by adding high-powered water jets to your swimming pool or spa to create a massaging, bubbling, oasis right in your backyard.

Ideal for spa pools

Swim Jets

Not every swimming pool is big enough to allow you to swim laps, but that shouldn’t stop you from being able to get in some pool-based exercise. Swim jets are high powered water jets that allow you to swim-in-place in a pool, making it easy to get a workout in even the smallest of spaces.

Ideal for lap pools and plunge pools

Pool Accessories through Narellan Pools

At Narellan Pools, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality fibreglass pool shells to our clients throughout Australia. We put our decades of experience, care, and attention to detail into every swimming pool shell we design, construct, and install. To complement our high-quality pool shells, we have also curated a select choice of the best pool accessories we believe will enhance your swimming and pool ownership experience. The choice of accessories we have on offer were carefully selected to increase the function, enjoyment, and ease-of-use of your swimming pool, with options available for a range of budgets and pool shell designs.

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