Small Swimming Pools in the Narellan Pools Range
Feb 21, 2023

Dreaming of a swimming pool but worried your backyard doesn’t offer enough space for one? You’re not alone in your concerns. This is the reality for many homeowners nowadays, with property sizes shrinking to make room for more homes across many estates.

The size of homes is increasing too, and for many, that means missing out on land. Homeowners in that position who are keen to install a swimming pool are faced with a challenge. How do they get the pool of their dreams with a small yard?

The good news is that in many cases, homeowners can opt for a compact swimming pool that will fit into the space available, and still offer them the functionality and fun they’re looking for.

If you happen to be one of those homeowners, the smaller swimming pool designs in the Narellan Pools range could offer you the perfect solution. Read on to learn about our different compact designs!

Plunge Pools

When it comes to plunge pools, Narellan Pools has it covered. There are several fantastic Narellan Pools plunge pools to choose from, including the Eden, Nirvana, Oasis and Pinto designs.

Plunge pools are brilliant for yards that can’t accommodate a full-sized swimming pool, as they are compact in shape and size, and designed for plunging into for relaxation. They also usually have a single depth, making them perfect for low-impact exercise. Don’t be fooled by the name, though – many plunge pools offer a decent amount of space for swimming. For instance, Narellan Pools’ Eden 5.5 is a 5.2m long, 3.2m wide pool, so it certainly offers some swim space!

For more narrow backyards, there are options that can work. The Nirvana pools are 2.7m in width, and with their beautiful in-built Splash Deck, they wouldn’t look out of place in a resort! The Splash Deck is perfect for lounging and for young kids who are getting used to the water. Even more narrow than the Nirvana is the Eden Slimline. At just 2.1m in width and 5m in length, coping to coping, the Eden Slimline is a glamorous pool with the long bench seat that makes the Eden design a standout.

If rectangular designs aren’t your style, or if you require a different pool shape to suit the existing features of your backyard, you might find that the Oasis or Pinto works for you. The Oasis is a triangular shape, so it sits beautifully in the corner of a yard. With its wide entry steps, the Oasis is perfect for an afternoon of seated relaxation, with a cool drink in hand. Its shape isn’t designed for swimming, but some simple and gentle exercises are definitely achievable in the Oasis. The Pinto range offers more room for swimming (particularly if you opt for the Pinto Plus), and is a design inspired by the Roman baths. Its delightful shape will certainly draw your gaze!

Smaller-sized Swimming Pools

Plunge pools aren’t the only option for small backyards, either. The Narellan Pools range includes designs with smaller sizes, so a traditional swimming pool could still be a possibility for you and your family.

The Symphony – characterised by its striking seating ledge that runs the length of the pool and its eye-catching cut-out step – is available in eight sizes, starting with the Symphony 5 (5m long, 3.1m wide). If you like the idea of a gradual depth, you’ll be pleased to know the Symphony 5 is 1.2m to 1.45m in depth. The Symphony is Narellan Pools’ most popular pool range, so it’s great that this much-loved design can cater to smaller yards!

You might also want to consider Narellan Pools’ Panama Lap Pool if your yard is on the smaller side. The Panama 5 is a 5m long pool that’s just 2.3m wide, so this design could work particularly well in a narrow space, such as the side of a house. With many new homes having little space at the rear of the property, using the space available on the side of the property could be a great workaround. Being a lap pool, the Panama has a clear swim channel designed for continuous tumble turn swimming, so if that’s a must for you, this gorgeous design is worth looking into!

As you can see, there is plenty of choice available in the Narellan Pools range for yards with limited space. One of the best ways you can gauge if and how a Narellan Pool will fit in your yard is to use the fantastic Narellan Pools AR App, which leverages the power of augmented reality. Download the app today to switch between shapes, sizes and colours, and then arrange a free quote for your property, all through the app!

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