Summertime Gifts for the Pool Owner in Your Life
Mar 2, 2023

If you know someone with a pool, summer is a great time of year to get them a huge variety of gifts for their backyard addition. They’ll be in their pool a lot right now, so help them to get the most out of the season with pool toys, floats, and poolside accessories.

If you’re unsure of the kinds of pool gifts worth considering, we’ve got a list of some popular items that are sure to be favorites with the pool owner in your life. Read on to find out!

Pool Volleyball

A great game for adults and kids alike, pool volleyball is just what it sounds like. A pool volleyball set will come with a floating volleyball, as well as a net to establish along the middle of the pool. You then choose your teams and your side of the pool! You can find inexpensive pool volleyball sets at various retailers. The game is super handy because it takes very little time to set up and pack away, and it’s perfect as an activity that will get the blood flowing!

Pool Fishing

Pool fishing games come in all sorts of varieties, and are excellent for entertaining kids, especially on days where swimming may not be an option. The sets will come with a simple plastic fishing rod as well as items to pick up, such as plastic ducks or fish. The rod may have a hook on the end to pick up the floating ducks or fishes, or it may use a magnetic system to pick them up.

Ride-on Inflatables

Pool floats offer endless hours of fun, and the ride-on inflatables available on the market are no exception. You can find such inflatables as horses and unicorns, and even some rolling inflatables that you sit inside of and push forward with your hands to roll around the pool! These make for awesome gifts for family members of all ages.

Inflatable Lounge

For the pool owner in your life who loves to relax, an inflatable pool lounge is a top gift idea. Available in several designs, pool lounges are designed for you to rest in your pool. They can have different features too, such as built-in benches for food or books, and cup holders.

Pool Golf

Know someone who loves golf and has a swimming pool? Consider gifting them a pool golf set. These usually contain a golf green that floats on the surface of the water, a putter, and a set of floating golf balls. The idea is that you stand on the side of the pool (or further back depending on your level of skill) and attempt to get a hole in one!

Inflatable Movie Screen

Sure, you could always opt for a traditional projector screen to set up in the backyard, but if you’re looking for a unique gift for a pool owner, an inflatable movie screen could be the way to go. These large screens connect to a projector to create the ultimate outdoor cinema experience. Once they’re set up poolside, pool owners can lounge around in their pool watching their movie of choice. These can definitely be on the pricier side in comparison to other pool gifts, so make sure to look out for good deals.

Floating Pool Lights

Perhaps the pool owner in your life is a seasoned entertainer? A wonderful way to liven up a pool party or a dinner in the backyard is by having gorgeous floating pool lights. These can be found in several designs, such as spherical lights, flower-shaped lights, and star-shaped lights. You can also get them in various colors.

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to gift ideas for the pool owner in your life. Take advantage of summer sales to grab some handy and fun pool gifts for your family and friends.

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