Swimming Pool Fencing Essentials
Mar 7, 2023

Ask any pool builder and they’ll agree, pool fencing solutions are not something that should be considered lightly. Pool fences serve the valuable purpose of keeping an area safe and secure. Although safety is the number one priority, there is a range of factors to consider when it comes to your pool fence.

Ultimately, the fencing should sufficiently secure the area and complement the pool and style of your home and backyard.

Glass fencing is by far the number one choice in modern pool fencing solutions. Not only does it meet safety standards, but it also looks great.

Made from toughened glass, it’s highly unlikely to ever break. Glass also acts as a windbreak, making it more comfortable for you to use your pool.

Glass pool fencing can be framed, semi-frameless or fully frameless, depending on what you prefer. Because you can see straight through it, there are no visual barriers, giving you a very clean, streamlined look, and allowing you to show off your beautiful pool in its entirety. Frankly, if you have invested in a beautiful pool, you want to be able to see it! The transparent nature of glass fencing is also ideal for parents to keep a watchful eye over kids at play in the pool.

If you do want more privacy, it is easy to have the glass tinted.

The price of glass pool fencing will vary. Generally, a frameless or semi-frameless glass fence will cost more than other materials. Although there is a range of more affordable options, quality glass fencing has an undeniable timeless look.

Maintaining a glass pool fence is also simple. More often than not, the rain will wash away dirt and finger marks, otherwise, a quick wash with soapy water every few months will do the job.

Another popular fencing solution is aluminium; it is easy to install, comes in a variety of colours and is constructed from long-lasting, durable material with excellent warranties. The simple, clean and stylish lines of aluminium complement the modern pool and are generally more affordable than opting for glass. Powder coating is a huge benefit to aluminium fencing, which not only helps with weather protection, it also allows you to match your fence to existing outdoor furniture and colours.

Aluminium fencing comes in a wide variety of designs without compromising on safety. Your fencing expert can provide invaluable advice when on-site to help you choose the best solution for your pool.

Whichever fence style you choose, a self-closing gate is a must-have if you have children or pets, as it provides safety peace of mind. To learn more about pool fencing, contact Standards Australia; www.standards.org.au or call your local Narellan Pools Builder on 1300 676 657.

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