Swimming Pool Safety – What You Need to Know
Mar 3, 2023

Pool Safety for All Ages

Most of the pool safety tips in the article apply to people of all ages. When trying to keep kids safe around the pool the most important thing is to never leave them unattended. Even the best-behaved children can get excited and too involved in the play, forgetting the safety tips they’ve been taught. Ensuring there is always an adult presence acts not only as a reminder, but means they are there to step in and help quickly if something does happen.

Education for Prevention

Educating yourself and your friends and family on the dangers around the pool and how best to prevent them is one of the best ways to reduce the chance of accidents. While it can be challenging to teach younger children the rules of pool safety, regular reminders and adult supervision will go a long way to reducing the danger. Ensuring that everybody spending time in the pool knows how to swim will also significantly reduce the risk of an incident. Little ones learning to swim need to always be accompanied and supported by a confident swimmer in the water.

Pool Covers

Good quality pool covers are a great way to ensure that the pool is inaccessible when not in use. These covers seal the surface of the pool area off, preventing unattended access by children and pets. In the case of electric pool covers, be extra careful where the controls are positioned to keep them out of the reach of children.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your pool area clean and free from defects with regular maintenance is another key factor in making the pool safer. Children are prone to running around, even when told otherwise. Dirty surfaces, or broken fencing, make slips and falling into the water an accident waiting to happen.


CPR is a vital skill that can make the difference between life and death. The methods and techniques for performing CPR vary depending on the age of the patient, and using the wrong technique can waste precious minutes before help arrives. At least one person in your household who regularly uses the pool should attend a CPR and general first-aid course that covers both children and adults if necessary.

Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is one of the most important elements of pool safety and is also a legal requirement. Pool fencing is the ultimate preventative solution to keeping your pool safe and secure.

A good quality pool fence acts as a barrier around your pool area, preventing young children and pets from stumbling in accidentally. It also acts as a safeguard for adults, reminding them to be extra careful when inside the fenced area and saving them from accidental slips and falls into the pool.

Pool fencing should be at least 1.2 meters high to prevent children and pets from being able to climb over it. It should also be spaced adequately from any object that could be used to traverse the height, and feature a secure, self-closing gate.

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