Take the Plunge
Mar 7, 2023

Once a necessity – a symbol of the great Australian dream – today a backyard is somewhat of a luxury.

Urban research indicates that Australians are increasingly sacrificing a vast backyard in favour of larger homes. In other words, the great Aussie backyard is shrinking.

So what happens for those Australians who have limited space, but don’t want to lose the dream of a backyard pool?

It’s simple, says Narellan Pools Managing Director, Peter Baily; “install a plunge pool”.

“Plunge pools provide the perfect cool-down dip in the summer as well as the perfect sophisticated water feature year-round,” he said.

Reflecting the trend toward smaller backyards, Narellan has recently expanded its stylish pool range to include a large variety of plunge pools.

“To cater for the growing number of Australians with smaller backyards, but not willing to compromise on having their very own pool, Narellan Pools have recently launched five new plunge pools in their range,” he said.

“The most recent shape being an Eden 5 Slimline; 2.1m wide x 5m long, it is the perfect addition to any small backyard. We have a range of shapes and sizes to reflect the shift in market trends.”

Narellan Pools Managing Director, Peter Baily, says Narellan’s shift to include more plunge pools was demand driven.

“Our franchisees were visiting the homes of families who wanted a swimming pool, but didn’t necessarily have what they thought was enough room.”

Narellan saw a need in the market and we filled it with a broader range of plunge pools.

“Since launching our range of plunge pools, we have installed many pools for lots of happy families who tell us they have so many great summer memories in their own backyard.”

Whilst space is at a premium for some, for others, it is not. Some homeowners simply prefer the ease of maintenance that comes with a plunge pool, as well as the reduction in installation costs, a plunge pool is also cheaper to run.

“Plunge pools are more efficient to heat, regardless of the heating system you choose,” says Baily, “So you have fewer upfront costs and cheaper running costs”.

Another big incentive for choosing a plunge pool is reducing the impact on the environment. A smaller service area means less water evaporation, so you’re not only saving on precious water, you’re using less power to heat the water. Kinder to both your wallet and the planet – it’s a win-win situation.

And what about those who actually want to use their pool to, well, swim?

Whilst Australian backyards might be shrinking, your average Australian’s waistline is not. Longer working hours mean less time for exercise. However, plunge pools with swim jets strategically placed to allow you to swim ‘laps’ any time of the day.

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