The Magic Of Water Features
Mar 7, 2023

Looking for that extra bit of magic for your swimming pool? Why not add a water feature to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor living area and complement one of our inground fibreglass swimming pools? The sounds and movement of flowing water add to the peace and tranquillity of your backyard oasis. In addition to water features, lights are another fantastic option to create a magical look and a safer environment for your nighttime swim.

There are a number of water feature designs that can be added to your pool. Below are a few options for you to consider;

Water Wall

A common water feature, the water wall is a great addition to your pool. Available in a whole range of designs from mosaic tiles to coloured rendered finishes, you can enjoy the many options available and make it a focal point of your pool.

Rainfall Curtain

As the name suggests, rainfall curtains look like rain falling into your pool. A spectacular water feature, this design provides a whole new dimension to your pool and outdoor space, plus can be fun for the kids!

Rock Waterfall

Just like a waterfall you see in the mountains, this style of water feature is a stunning complement to a swimming pool. They can be designed in different ways, and look great amongst the foliage.


Sunpods are a tiled space adjoined to the pool that creates a unique bubble spout, like a bubbler. Doubling as a play area for kids, sunspots are a stunning and functional water feature.

Deck Jets

A spray or fountain of water from your deck or paving enters your pool in the shape of an arch. Deck Jets are a beautiful enhancement for any swimming pool.


Add a splash of colour into your pool, and/or in your water features to bring your pool to life at night. With the added benefit of safety, you can’t go wrong with light additions.

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