Transform Your Swimming Pool Area
Mar 7, 2023

Plants, plants and more plants.

Plants are a beautiful way to create a luscious backdrop for your pool area and are particularly helpful for those on a budget. But remember, to make a stylish impact, your plants will need to work with other landscaping elements, such as your furniture, paving, shelter and fencing.

Not sure where to start? Your local nursery will help guide you in selecting plants that provide the right colour and foliage textures to complement your pool. Some nurseries even offer a free home consultation.

If you do want a particular style for your pool area, use your garden to help achieve it. Plants with green, leafy foliage, such as palms and succulents, are great if you want to create a tropical oasis, while hedges lend a more formal feel.

Don’t forget that for all their beauty, plants can also be the messiest part of your landscape. If you value your relaxation time, be sure to select low-maintenance varieties.

Pave the way.

Paving is an ideal choice for swimming pool landscaping. While you want to create a stunning pool area, be sure not to ignore the more practical considerations such as safety.

First, ensure that your potential surface is made from a material that is not slippery when wet. Also, the surface should be sloped away from the pool to stop rainwater from carrying dirt back into the pool.

Good quality pavers are not only cost-effective, but are low maintenance and slip resistant.

Natural stone pavers also have the added benefit of being easy to clean and retain their colour over many years, particularly when a sealer has been used. Regular sweeping with a stiff brush will do the trick to remove dust and leaves. For hard-to-remove stains, opt for a mix of chlorine and water.

Brick pavers are an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that is virtually heat-resistant.

What material suits you?

Stone, concrete and brick are the main types of pavers available. So what’s the difference? Essentially, stone pavers are made from a variety of natural minerals, whereas concrete and brick pavers are made from a mix of raw materials. Natural stone adds a touch of class and elegance and its natural, durable finish makes it an ideal choice for pool surrounds. Being versatile, natural stone can be cut into many different sizes. Concrete and brick also have their benefits. The colour selection is very broad and holds for a long time. They are also cheaper to produce.

Latest trends.

There has been a growing trend toward using larger format pavers and using the same tile for both interior and exterior spaces to create a sense of unity and cohesiveness. Regardless of the trends, it’s important to choose a look that suits your tastes and the style of your home.

A pool isn’t something you can easily hide if you decide you’ve made the wrong decision when it comes to landscaping and paving. To help ensure a successful end result, allow yourself plenty of time to make decisions about materials and colours. This might involve a bit of research and thinking, including talking to friends and family about their experiences.

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