What to Look For in a Family Swimming Pool
Mar 3, 2023

Why Buy A Family Swimming Pool?

A family-sized swimming pool has a huge number of benefits to people of all ages in your household. It is an addition to your home that can be enjoyed by everybody regardless of age or fitness.

Getting Together: a swimming pool is a great place to get the whole family together. It can be the ideal area right in your own backyard for children and adults of all ages to get together, socialize, and have fun.

Exercise and Fitness: everybody is guilty of shunning exercise and fitness from time to time. A swimming pool is a great way for people of all ages to get exercise, both gentle and intense, without it feeling like hard work.

Saving Money on Activities: an engaging day’s worth of fun right on your own backdoor is a great way to save money on expensive days out and activities. 

Update and Upgrade your Backyard: a swimming pool will take your backyard to the next level, transforming it into a functional and beautiful place. You will want to spend more time outside than ever before!

Types of Family Swimming Pools

There are several varieties of different swimming pool designs. Big, small, purpose-built, and general-purpose – choosing the right kind of swimming pool for your family can be a tough decision.

General Purpose swimming pools are available in a variety of sizes and are the perfect multi-purpose space for fun, exercise, and entertainment.

Compact Pools are ideal for those who have limited space but still want to enjoy all the benefits of a swimming pool in their own backyard. Boosting all the same design and features of full-sized versions, compact pools are all the same fun and quality, just in a smaller size.

Plunge Pools are perfect for those that want a smaller swimming pool perfectly suited to relaxation.

Key Features

There are plenty of add-on products and features you can opt for with your swimming pool to make life easier and increase your fun. The additions you choose will depend largely on your intended usage and budget, but there are a couple of key elements that should always be considered when creating the pool of your dreams.


Steps in your swimming pool will benefit children and adults alike. A stepped area at the entry to the swimming pool not only offers a shallow and safe area for children to get used to the water but also makes it easier to enter the pool for older relatives.


A seating ledge just below the water is the perfect place for both children and adults to relax and take a break while in the pool. This is particularly helpful for younger ones still getting comfortable with the water.


Standard pool paving made from concrete is functional but may not be the best solution for your property. Your pool builder can give you advice on what sort of paving would align best with your vision and budget.

How Narellan Pools Can Help

Narellan Pools has nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing and installing high-quality fibreglass swimming pools for families. Our range of fibreglass swimming pools is designed to offer a solution for any backyard and family. Whatever the size; from full-sized pools to smaller plunge pools, Narellan Pools has you covered.

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