Your Guide to Plunge Pools
Mar 6, 2023

What is a Plunge Pool? 

A plunge pool is a smaller-sized swimming pool designed with rest and relaxation in mind rather than active swimming and fitness, although swimming is still possible in the larger versions. Their small coverage area makes them ideally suited when space is a constraining factor, but they are also ideal for large backyards when trying to create a tranquil relaxing corner without dominating the entire space.

Generally, a plunge pool will measure under 6 meters in length and 3.5 meters in width, although the dimensions are not set in stone (or fibreglass as the case may be), and depending on the space you have available plunge pools can be longer or narrower to suit your needs. There is no strictly defined depth, but usually, you should expect them to be at least deep enough to sit in comfortably with the water rising to your mid to upper torso.

Plunge pools are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes from traditional rectangular designs to square and circular spa styles — whatever you have in mind, there is sure to be a design to match.

Plunge Pool Features 

Plunge Pools are available with a variety of additional features to make them the perfect relaxing and restful swimming pool experience. In addition to the features also found on large-type pools, plunge pools have a few options uniquely suited to their smaller size.

Water Jets 

Who doesn’t love going to the spa and relaxing in the warm bubbling water? Well with a plunge pool you can bring that experience into your backyard. Spa jets are a perfect way to finish off your relaxation space and help tired and sore muscles unwind after a long day.

As well as relaxing spa jets, your plunge pool can also be fitted with swim jets. These are high-powered single directional jets designed to allow the users to swim in place, enabling you to get a workout despite the pool’s smaller size.


Sitting in icy cold water is never pleasant, and there is nothing quite like dipping down into warm bliss on a cold winter’s night. Installing a heating system into your plunge pool will not only make it a more enjoyable experience but will also give you the best return on investment by allowing you to use it all year round.


Lighting is a great way to add an extra dimension to your swimming pool, and the latest LED lighting systems are both cheap to run and offer great customisation in terms of brightness and colours. They also make the pool safer to use late into the night.

Why a Plunge Pool Might Be Right for You 

While plunge pools are ideally suited to owners with limited yard space such as those living in cities and outer-city suburbs, due to their compact size, they also offer several great benefits even if you have the space for a larger, more traditionally sized pool. Owing to their smaller size, plunge pools don’t have to dominate the space they occupy; instead, they can be tranquil relaxation zones while still allowing you ample space for other back-yard projects and activities.

The smaller size of plunge pools doesn’t just mean that they occupy less space in your backyard, it also means they require less water to fill. That translates directly into cost and time savings when it comes to filling, cleaning, and maintaining your pool, that’s not to mention the positive environmental factor of using fewer resources.

Heating a swimming pool can become expensive, especially in the cold winter months. Again, due to their smaller size and water volume, heating a plunge pool is much cheaper, which means you can keep them at a comfortable, cosy, temperature all year round giving you the best return and enjoyment out of your investment.

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